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Devir Games

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Enlist Contractors To Help Erect Devir’s Red Cathedral


Devir has been working on their next expansion for The Red Cathedral. Bringing a new twist and direction to the euro-style board game.

Dominate The Ice In Devir Games’ 4-Minute Title Winter


Devir Games have announced a new title coming to their Pocket Game range of board games. Bringing the harsh Winter in a four-minute title. 

Hunt Treasures & Solo Escape Puzzling Mazes In Mazescape


Mazescape is certainly unique, as players bury their heads in a series of maps in an attempt to escape. Following along, players are given several maps in a box, as they twist and turn their way around the narrow halls and back across pages.

Let’s Play: Papua [Comment To Win]


Today Sam, Lance and David Esbri are playing Devir's newest worker (or should we say, explorer) placement game, Papua.

Let’s Play: La Vina [Comment To Win]


Coming to UKGE this weekend we get to play grape-grabbing game La Vina with David Esbri of Devir Games.

Warren Meets The Colour Monster [Comment To Win]


It's not easy getting kids to talk openly about their feelings, that is until they play award winning children's game The Colour Monster from Devir Games.

Let’s Play: Silk [Comment To Win]


David Esbri from Devir Games joins Sam and Lance in the studio to play one of their new games: Silk.

Weekender: Alien Horror, Designing With Devir & WIN Kill Team Elites


We've got David Esbri of Devir Games with us and also community member Martin (aka laughingboy) today!

VLOG: Who’s In The Studio?


This week we've got David Esbri of Devir in the studio filming some of their latest games.

What’s In the Box?: Silk by Devir


Devir are a company known for their quirky games and quality design - in fact, they've produced some of my favourite games such as Picnic, Checkpoint Charlie and Papua.

Let’s Play: 1, 2, 3


David Esbri of Devir Games is back for some sheep shuffling fun with the family-friendly 1, 2, 3.

Let’s Play: Fanhunter Assault


Today we're joined again with David Esbri of Devir Games to play some of the fan favourite comic book heroes, Fanhunter Assault.

Let’s Play: Fast Food Fear


David Esbri from Devir Games is back to show us co-operative game Fast Food Fear.

Let’s Play: Dungeon Raiders


We are joined by David Esbri from Devir Games to play through Dungeon Raiders.

Let’s Play: Picnic


Today we're joined by David Esbri from Devir Games to play their new game Picnic.

Insider Chat: Upcoming Games From Devir


David Esbri of Devir Games is in for a quick chat about their upcoming games.

Let’s Play: Gretchinz


Join us today as we tear through a dakka filled racetrack in Gretchinz by Devir Games.

Let’s Play: Dragons & Chickens With Devir Games


Let’s Play: Michael Strogoff With Devir Games


Let’s Play: Fanhunter Urban Warfare With Devir Games


Let’s Play: Holmes With Devir Games


Let’s Play: Checkpoint Charlie With Devir Games


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