Weekender: Alien Horror, Designing With Devir & WIN Kill Team Elites

May 25, 2019 by dignity

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Come and join us for another episode of The Weekender where we've got David Esbri of Devir Games with us and also community member Martin (aka laughingboy) today!

Weekender: Alien Horror, Designing With Devir & WIN Kill Team Elites

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We've got lots to get stuck into as well as giving away the Kill Team: Elites book AND one faction of your choice too.


We've got some Weekender updates for you firstly. Next weekend there will be no show as we're going to be at UK Games Expo covering the event across Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, you can come and join us at the event and if it's your first time we also have a great video you can watch HERE.

The week after that we're also hosting the Flames Of War D-Day Boot Camp so there will be no Weekender then either! However, you can follow along with the Live Blogs and win some goodies so don't worry.

You can also check out our extensive VLOG series we've been working on as we pull the tabletops together for the event.

Weekender: Alien Horror, Designing With Devir & WIN Kill Team Elites

Warren Meets Mat

Warren takes a look at an older mat from the PWork Wargames series. If you like the look of this Woodland Mat you can check out the product on their webstore.


We're onto the news now from an epic week in tabletop gaming...

What caught your eye from the news this week?

Designing Games With Devir

We got to chat with David Esbri about the newest games from Devir as well as publishing games and getting your ideas seen by publishers.


We have three Kickstarters to check out...

Which of these new projects would you like to get involved in?

Prize - WIN Kill Team: Elites + Kill Team

With Kill Team: Elites coming out recently we're giving away the supplement and your choice of Kill Team from the Fractal BladesDolorous Strain or Toofrippa’s Krew. All you have to do is comment below.

Make sure to also Claim Your Prize if you were a previous winner!

Have a great weekend!

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