Keep Mozart’s Music & Work Alive In Devir Games’ Lacrimosa

August 25, 2022 by brennon

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is dead. You, as his patrons, are going to be doing the best you can then to bring his last work to life and the Lacrimosa movement of his Opus Requiem. That is the focus of Devir Games' upcoming tabletop board game.

Lacrimosa - Devir

Lacrimosa // Devir Games

Taking on the role of his patrons, you will be contributing funds to bring the composer's work to life. Gameplay is split between two timelines. In the present, you will commission other composers to help complete the Requiem. In the past, you work with the composer to sell his work and travel to the different courts and theatres of Europe. All of this sits alongside gathering the resources needed to support his career and get him to new heights.

Lacrimosa Components - Devir

Lacrimosa Digital Components // Devir

You will also have to impress his widow and come across in the best light so that you can find a favourable place amidst her memoirs.

During gameplay, you will play cards from hand that will grow and improve as the game progresses. Cards can either be an action or a resource generator so you'll need to pick and choose what works best for you in the moment. The early looks at the game might seem a little complicated but I'm sure this is one of those games that will flow once you get through the teach!

I am also hoping that we get a big splash of colour too as Devir games have always been quite the feast for the eyes. I played Red Cathedral recently and it was brilliant so I have high hopes for Lacrimosa.

Keep an eye out for Lacrimosa later this year...

"Taking on the role of his patrons, you will be contributing funds to bring the composer's work to life..."

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