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Offensive Miniatures

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Have You Tried Offensive Miniatures’ World War II Game, DAK Attack?


Offensive Miniatures has a pretty fun World War II wargame that I think is worth having a look at! DAK Attack has been around since 2021 but my first look at the game came during Salute 2023 when I saw the demo table for it set up and had a chat with the creator!

Ash Waste Nomads Storm Necromunda + CLASSIC Old World Miniatures For Tabletop Games! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Ash Waste Nomads Storm Necromunda + CLASSIC Old World Characters For Tabletop Games, whether you're after the latest insectoid mounts from Games Workshop or want to scratch the retro itch with the denizens of Dunkeldorf we have you covered!

Offensive Miniatures Rounds Up Sven Hassel’s Penal Regiment!


Offensive Miniatures have released a set of character models based on Sven Hassel's 27th Penal Panzer Regiment. In conjunction with Sven's estate Offensive Miniatures first previewed these at Salute last year but they are now on general release if people want to pick up a unique looking set of miniatures for their collection.

Offensive Miniatures Clear Battlefields With New WWII Sets


Offensive Miniatures has now released two new sets of 28mm miniatures for use in your World War II wargames. You are able to pick up sets of Pioneers and Parachute Engineers for the Germans and the British.

Irregular Magazine Issue 3


Offensive Minis We Love + Death Korps FINALLY Plastic In New 40K Kill Team! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender Time! We're checking out Offensive Minis that we love plus Death Korps FINALLY available in plastics for Warhammer 40K Kill Team. 

Offensive Miniatures Sound The Horn On New Napoleonics


Offensive Miniatures don't just make some fun World War II miniatures. They also produce a range of Napoleonic miniatures called Follow The Drum.

Weekender: WIN Two-Player Mythos Bundle + Infinity CodeOne, All You Need To Know!


Today on The Weekender! We discuss everything you need to know about Infinity CodeOne from Corvus Belli, check out the quirky range from Northumbrian Tin Soldier and explore The Defence Of Procyon III on Kickstarter!

Hot Foot It Into Battle With Offensive’s New German Releases


Offensive Miniatures has added two new releases into the mix for their 28mm World War II range this month.

Weekender: Infinity CODE ONE Looking Ace & Join Our Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge!


We're starting up the Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge AND putting a call out to exhibitors and content creators from cancelled events to join us for a new endeavour!

Drop In New WWII British Paras From Offensive Miniatures


Offensive Miniatures has been showing off the new release of loads of British Paras for use in World War II wargaming. These 28mm fellows would be a good way to add in alternative sculpts alongside other ranges. 

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