Weekender: Infinity CODE ONE Looking Ace & Join Our Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge!

March 20, 2020 by crew

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We're still powering on with the OnTableTop Weekender, albeit in a very different way and we will be endeavouring to entertain you over these next few weeks/months with plenty of tabletop goodness.


The focus of this weekend is to kick off the Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge 2020 which has you delving into your collection and working on making new what was old!

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COVID-19 Update

To begin with, we wanted to let you know that Store.OnTableTop is still going strong and we've put measures in place so that we can continue to ship out and deliver products to you. So, you can still rely on us to get you your hobby supplies.

Check Out Store.OnTableTop

Also, we've opened up our Discord Server so that everyone can join in and break through the barrier of feeling isolated if they so desire.

To Access the chat server click this link: https://discord.gg/x5WEx3S

Here is a guide we created to help you work out how to use it: CoG Discord User Manual

We chat hobby and all sorts and it is well worth checking it out so that you can share your thoughts with like-minded hobbyists.

Events Cancelled; A Call To Vendors & Content Creators

Considering that two big events have already been cancelled and UK Games Expo has been pushed back until August (more details here) we thought it would be a good idea to try and repurpose the Projects system.

We are now trying to work on a way for companies and creators to share their work and potentially gain some sales that they would have missed out on due to the cancellation of events.

Exhibitors Fill Out This Form

Content Creators Fill Out This Form

We are looking to try and bring together what effectively works as a virtual convention where exhibitors and content creators can collaborate to share their new releases and fun content!

Indie Of The Week

In keeping with that spirit, we also wanted to share a smaller independent creator that Ben is very fond of. Here we have a peek at the range from Oathsworn Miniatures.

This company has built quite the amazing Burrows & Badgers range which also includes some sterling Terrain too. Also, if animals aren't your thing they also do a great selection of Sensible Shoes miniatures, female adventurers for skirmish and roleplaying games. We think you'll find something to love from their collection!


Despite COVID-19, the world keeps turning and we catch up with the news from this week...

  • Operation Kaldstrom - A new Battle Pack and a new way to play Infinity
  • Prophecy Of The Wolf - Check out this set which features a clash between Ragnar and Ghazghkull
  • Wasteland Warfare - Three new packs of miniatures have arrived for the world of Fallout
  • British Paratroopers - Offensive Miniatures have a set of awesome new metal miniatures for World War II
  • Spectre Specials - See what you make of this new assassin and creepy criminals from Spectre Miniatures
  • WarGods Of Olympus - Warriors from Ancient Greek Mythology clash on the battlefield in a new book!

What has inspired you from this news selection this week?

Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge 2020 - WIN OnTableTop Store Vouchers!

We are back with our Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge 2020 where we ask you to break out old and unloved hobby projects and give them a new lease of life.

You can find out more about the challenge HERE and as part of the show but if you take part you might be in with a chance of winning 1 Of 4 £50 Vouchers for Store.OnTableTop!

We can't wait to see what you bring to life and we'll be taking part too. Start those projects!


Last but not least we're looking at some fundraising projects worth taking a peek at...

Which of these projects appeals to you most?

Keep safe and remember to have a great weekend of hobby goodness!

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