Drop In New WWII British Paras From Offensive Miniatures

March 16, 2020 by brennon

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Offensive Miniatures has been showing off the new release of loads of British Paras for use in World War II wargaming. These 28mm fellows would be a good way to add in alternative sculpts alongside other ranges.

British Paras Command - Offensive Miniatures

This collection breaks down into a whole range of new options. You have the chance to pick up the Full Set of thirty-six miniatures but all of these then break down into a number of smaller packs which might be better for those looking to add on to a force rather than starting one.

British Paras Section - Offensive Miniatures

So, you can also pick up a Command Pack as well as Section #1 and Section #2 which give you teams of soldiers who have landed behind enemy lines. The first section option comes with Lee Enfield rifles, Thompsons, Sten SMGs and a Bren Gun team. The second section set comes with a variety of soldiers wearing all manner of helmets and hats plus a range of alternative weapons.

British Paras Section Alt - Offensive Miniatures

Then, to give people extra fire support when it comes to assaulting a German compound you've also got two heavy weapon teams. The first gives you a HMG & 3" Mortar team which can help suppress the enemy...

British Paras HMG - Offensive Miniatures

...and then you've also got another team which come with a PIAT & 2" Mortar. All of these weapons would have been carried across the channel and most likely dropped alongside the Paras as they headed into rural France.

British Paras Piat - Offensive Miniatures

Offensive Miniatures have talked about how these would be a good fit for Normandy, Arnhem and Operation Varsity so you've got plenty of options. If you're looking to dive in and play proper skirmishes with a handful of miniatures, these would be a good shout. I like the idea of personalising your soldiers by naming them all too!

Have you dived in and checked out more from Offensive Miniatures?

"Offensive Miniatures have talked about how these would be a good fit for Normandy, Arnhem and Operation Varsity..."

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