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Smirk and Dagger

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Never Tried Napoleonics? We’ve Found Ace Miniatures To Get You Started In Historics! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender Time! Never had a go at Napoleonics? We've found some ace miniatures that should be great for getting you started in historic wargames on the tabletop! 

Escape The Horrors Of Darkness In The Night Cage


The Night Cage is set to be released as 1-5 players become confined in a fearsome labyrinth as lost souls in the hunt for their key to escape!

Save The Turtles From An Oil Rig Disaster in The Spill


An offshore rig has blown, and fortunately, it is on the internet! And there are lots of titles and animals in the water that need saving, in The Spill by Smirk & Dagger Games.

Weekender: WIN D&D Starter Bundle + 15mm Miniatures; The Best Way To Delve In Dungeons & Dragons?


Today on OTT Weekender! We're checking out some 15mm wargaming and role-playing models from Splintered Light Miniatures plus what's new in the tabletop world in general!

Roll For Insight: Filching From Folklore


There is one resource that we all draw upon, and which those authors themselves made heavy use of within their own works: Folklore. 

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