Conan By Monolith Launches On Kickstarter! [Updated!]

January 12, 2015 by brennon

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Conan by Monolith has now launched on Kickstarter in an effort to bring the Hyborian world to the tabletop and put you in the boots and loincloth of Conan for the first time. It's looking pretty impressive in terms of miniature quality and gameplay so give this one a look if you like dungeon crawling and adventure board games...

Conan Logo

The game centres around you playing as Conan and his adventuring allies as you take on a number of quests against an Overlord who will be controlling all of the enemies. These quests range from raiding a Pict village to rescue a Princess from their Warlord to ship-to-ship battles on the high seas with Belit at your side against ravaging pirates.

Update: Stretch Goals

It's already time to see what stretch goals are popping up for Conan and they've got two so far with an extra to come focusing on another hero for you to play with in the game...

5 Free Picts (Bows)

5 Free Skeletons


There's a wealth of content to explore with Conan and it certainly tells when you look at what's in the box...

Core Box Content

You'll have to click this one and open it in a different tab to view it in full but this is just what you get in the BASE version of the game. It's packed with a whole bunch of miniatures, tokens, dice, character cards, maps and of course that rather awesome board which charts all of the things the games master can do. This feels very HeroQuest, an almost pseudo-role-playing game, and I love it.

Basic Pledge

Extras Pledge

Of course it wouldn't be a Kickstarter without the addition of a whole bunch of exclusives and as you can see above the King Pledge gives you a whole new collection of heroes and villains to fight against meaning that your amount of quests is going to ramp up as well. It even comes with the deadly Thog.





Above are some of the heroes complete with a description showing how close to the source material the games creators have stuck. It's great, especially when you read Shevatas' entry, how meticulous they have been with every detail.




Above are some of the Kickstarter Exclusive heroes that will be joining if you go for one of the higher end pledges. Checking the Kickstarter anything that carries that label is for Kickstarter backers only and will probably only be available in the future through special conventions and events. If you want them, you'll have to aim for them now it seems.

It's a shame that that's the case but I can see why they've done it. It would have been nice to see them come out as seperate characters later on down the line after launch simply to keep the life of the game going but I'm sure there are plenty more expansions planned to do just that.



Book of Skelos

Zogar Sag

Giant Snake


Above are some of the enemies that you'll be facing off against as well and the Book of Skelos which is what tracks everything that happens on the Overlord side of things. The track at the bottom works as a way of tracking the activation of your various warriors while the spaces above are where you'll spend your gems in order to give them boons and re-rolls.

This game is looking very good from first impressions and it appears to have all of the qualities that make these kind of adventure games worth playing. Great miniatures, some neat quests, lots of cool enemies, good mechanics, and a solid intellectual property driving it on.

You can watch the How to Play above and then head on over for more information on this pretty epic Conan adventure.

What do you think?

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