CoolMiniOrNot Preview March Releases For Hadross & Shael Han In Wrath Of Kings

March 7, 2017 by stvitusdancern

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CoolMiniOrNot (CMoN) has put out a video for the review of the March releases for the Wrath of Kings. Our friend Brian Steele is featured in this short video highlighting the new releases for House of Hadross and Shael Han.

First, for the House of Hadross, we have some true abominations, creatures that come from the darkest recesses of our minds the Neritic Horrors. These spiny tentacled beings have a fear paralysing screech that will terrorise even the most stalwart warrior.

Next, for the Shael Han, we have the Celestial Host. These are the animal spirits come to life in the form of the Avatar Monkey who is the leader of this group who leads the Avatar of the Snake, Avatar of the Bear and lastly the Avatar of the Elephant. All of the Avatars except for the monkey have two sculpts. These are very ornate and will look lovely once painted.

If you need more information on Wrath of Kings check our most recent coverage from Wrath of Kings week here.

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"...creatures that come from the darkest recesses of our minds"

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