The New Shadow Caste Unfold From The Darkness For Dark Age

October 20, 2016 by brennon

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Dark Age has released a whole bunch of new models and more for the Shadow Caste Dragyri in Dark Age. A new book, cards, and plenty of characters are out now...

Dragyri Book

The Book leads the way containing...

  • The story of the Dragyri – in addition to the narrative, there is a lot of background information on who the Dragyri are, where they came from, and how their society is structured.
  • An advancing storyline – The Dragyri have played an important role in Samarian history, both before and since The Abandonment. This ongoing tale skillfully weaves the various threads together in a compelling manner.
  • Almost 20 new units for the new Shadow Caste subfaction – Like their elemental focus would suggest, the Shadow Caste are a mix of lithe assassins and brutal nightmares summoned from the very depths of terror itself.
  • New Faction rules that cover the way the subfactions are structured and how they may now interact.
  • World-building art – There are a lot of great art pieces that really give a feel for the Dagyri and the lands they inhabit.

This is matched with a Card Deck.

Dragyri Faction Deck

...which gives you;

  • 69 Dragyri Unit Cards – These cards provide all the stats, weapons, and special abilities for the units in each of the four Dragyri Castes. All existing units have been updated for this 2016 release.
  • 28 Dragyri Psychogenic Cards – These cards provide all the Psychogenic powers for each of the four Castes, seven cards for each.

The Starter Set for the faction is also on the webstore but unfortunately, it seems like they've sold out due to unexpected demand for a lot of their products!

Dragyri Shadow Caste

However, don't be put off as they are looking to bring in a whole other batch of these for those still waiting and unable to snap them up right now.

Shadow Caste Reinforcements

Additionally, a selection of other heroes are available for you to snap up like Amabilia, Arbiter of Chaos.


We've seen a lot of these models thanks to the previews after Gen Con but they still look stunning when you see them painted and close up like this.

Joining her we also have the Gatherer...


The posing of the model is superb as she's crouched down ready to spring at her foe and chop their head off. This really shows how far things have come for Dark Age.

Greater Spiderlings also join the cause as they skitter out of the darkness to hunt down their prey.

Greater Spiderlings

They are eerie enough on their own without the Shadow Caste backing them up I reckon!

The Air Caste

It's not just the Shadow Caste which get a new release this month either as we also got to see a character for the Air Caste too. Meet Yovanka, Arbiter of Balance, who has been re-sculpted for the new range.

Yovanka"Yovanka, Arbiter of Balance (and sister to Amabilia), leads the Air Caste. Like their elemental focus, she is incredibly difficult to pin down.

In a society that favors males, and from a caste that is considered weak, Yovanka has had to fight tooth and nail to claw her way to the top. Now all that stands between her and the Grand Arbiter position is her sister."

She doesn't look quite as evil as her sister but no less dangerous with those fan blades in her hands. The overal style of the Dragyri is hard to deny when looking at which faction to snap up.

Has the Dragyri caught your eye?

"...they are looking to bring in a whole other batch of these for those still waiting and unable to snap them up right now"

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