Beasts & The Shambling Undead Head To Battle For Darklands

January 27, 2017 by brennon

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It's that time again to check out what Mierce Miniatures has been working on. The world of Darklands welcomes new beasts and warriors ready to bolster your forces on the battlefield.


Leading the way we have some awesome painted miniatures in the form of Gaalgar's Herd. Here we have some neat looking Beastmen in some nice poses with rather cruel looking weapons at hand. Horns are one of those things that sometimes look very weird on models like this but I think they got it right here.

Following along from them we have another monstrous beast in the form of Maatmag...


This monstrous mammoth would indeed be great for Justin we reckon. He could mount up on this fellow and sow havoc across the battlefield. This is an utterly massive model too, and the Darklands range is already pretty huge!

The Shambling Undead

Following on from those beasts we have some more painted miniatures. This time around it's the wonderful Undead that Mierce Miniatures have put together...


The Dead of Black Barrow might possibly be one of the best looking units of undead I've seen on the tabletop. The skeletons look shambling yet deadly, covered in rusted and battered armour from battles long ago. The paint job here helps bring them to life and give you an idea of how you might approach getting them ready for gaming.

Giant Warriors

We then turn our attention to some titanic warriors. The first is the Chaos Giant known as Papworth The Pillager.


I'm not entirely sure on the name as it doesn't really feel like it inspires fear but I think I'd still run from that massive club. They've handled the sense of scale well too here with the swords hanging from his neck and the loot strapped to his belt.

Last but not least we have Tetseenx, the Phoenix Demon Prince.


While this fellow is indeed decidedly evil something about the design makes me think that he's a little nicer than your average demon. The rather creepy looking staff he holds in his right hand is somewhat at odds to the rest of the model though with a comical moon/sun atop it. I'd probably remove that.

What do you think of this month's collection?

"The skeletons look shambling yet deadly, covered in rusted and battered armour from battles long ago..."

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