Mierce Add Monstrous New Additions To The World Of Darklands

November 8, 2016 by brennon

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Mierce Miniatures have a whole host of fantastic releases for you this month with some more massive beasts and plenty of characters too. Leading the way we have some characters mounted up on flying beasts.


First up we have Birna here on a Fellhrafn, diving towards the battlefield to scoop up some terrified foe. The bird looks fantastic and the rider too although it would have been nice to see her poses with lance downwards towards whatever her mount is aiming at.

Matching her we have an Orc Warlord of all things atop a Wyvern with Grimbash.


Grimbash shows off just one of the characters available on a flying mount. As well as him you could also pick up Buggrom, Shazham or Qeefus HERE who give you different options atop these mighty beasts. Of all of them, I thought Grimbash looked the best!

Monstrous Beasts

Leading the way for the more traditional Mierce Miniatures we have Cqaa who will be swinging his mighty stone hammer into the faces of his many foes as they try and pierce his thick hide.


What struck me here with this model was the way the fur detailing has been done across the whole body. That little touch means that with a bit of drybrushing and some washes you could make this character look superb. The bone and stone work is also neat, giving a sense of the battle damage he's suffered through.

Aggrakk then stomps his way out of the swamps ready to crush his foes. Hammer seem to be the weapon of choice right now.


I'm constantly impressed with the way they work on their monsters for Darklands and it's going to be tempting to try and paint each one individually to bring them to life. The scar on his snout is a nice addition to, telling a bit of a story.

A more traditional Troll then joins the battle in the form of Torleik.


Ditching a hammer for a pair of axes this saggy skinned monster looks like he would need some slick painting to make look superb. I think a wet look would be good for him, as if he has just pulled himself out of the swamp.

Wild Packs

To finish off we're going to show off one of the packs of wild animals on the way for Darklands. Here we have Reoc's Pack...


I love wolves so it's neat seeing a pack like this come to life. You can see an obvious gap on the lead wolf there but it wouldn't take much to fix that with some green stuff. Wolves are just awesome and with some drybrushing and maybe a splatter of blood you'd have a great pack set for hunting.

More packs of wild beasts can be found HERE too including mighty boars and a bear!

What will you be picking up?

"I think a wet look would be good for him, as if he has just pulled himself out of the swamp..."

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