Steamforged Working On Official Critical Role Miniatures

June 26, 2018 by brennon

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Steamforged Games' sculptor Russ Charles has been working away on sculpting the Critical Role characters for a while now, posting a lot of his work to Twitter. Well, now both Vox Machina and the Mighty Nein are going to officially be released as a miniatures collection on Kickstarter TODAY at 8pm BST.

Vox Machina Grog - Critical Role

Miniatures for each of the heroes that you have no doubt heard me gushing about for months are going to be available. Above you can see Grog, but the entire of the Vox Machina party is going to be available alongside some special bonus miniatures for characters like Taryon Darrington and Doty...and a lot of people are already asking for a Gilmore miniature too!

Vox Machina Percy - Critical Role

Rus is an exceptionally talented sculptor and a lot of work and effort has gone into producing these miniatures. You can see his distinct style matched alongside the look of the characters from both official and fan-based artwork projects.

He has managed to capture Percy's swagger above and Vex's determination and steely grit below. Even some of the little additions to the character made it through like the feathers in Vex's hair.

Vox Machina Vex - Critical Role

I am going to be diving into this Kickstarter with both feet. Not only are Vox Machina getting the love and attention they deserve, but the awesome characters from the new campaign too. Here are just a few more of the sculpts you have to look forward to.

Mighty Nein Fjord - Critical Role

I am a big fan of what Travis Willingham has done with the change of characters into the second campaign. Fjord, pictured above, is a very different character to Grog and it's been awesome to see him take up the talkative and charismatic role in the party this time around.

We also have the snarky Beau played by Marisha Ray. She is hard as nails and continually emotionally awkward in pretty much every situation but it has been awesome seeing her relationship with Caleb grow into a proper friendship.

Mighty Nein Beau - Critical Role

Last but not least from my selection of the Mighty Nein we have Mollymauk who is played by Taliesin Jaffe. We know little of the over-the-top Tielfling at the moment apart from a strange backstory about him coming back to life in the middle of a forest!

Mighty Nein Mollymauk - Critical Role

I can't wait to learn more about him, and painting up his character is going to be utterly fantastic. He is adorned in such wild colours that it is going to be a real test for any painter!

To give you a proper full rundown of who is coming as part of each party, you get...

  • Vox Machina - Grog, Percy, Vax, Vex, Scanlan, Keyleth, Pike, Trinket, Tary & Doty
  • Mighty Nein - Beauregard, Mollymauk, Caleb, Fjord, Jester, Nott, Yasha, Shakaste, Pumat Prime & Pumat Simulacrum

I can't wait to get stuck into this. Watch out for the 8pm BST launch over here in the UK!

Will you be joining in on this one?

"Watch out for the 8pm BST launch over here in the UK!"

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