Pre-Orders For Deadzone 2nd Edition Fire Up From Mantic

April 20, 2016 by brennon

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Mantic Games have opened up the Pre-Order period for Deadzone 2nd Edition. You can now step back into the world of Warpath at this skirmish level and fight alongside the forces of the Enforcers or the Forge Fathers in their new version of the game.


The new look box complete with two fantastic looking factions will be available next month in May 2016.

What's In The New Edition?

The new Starter Set drops the Plague in favour of a skirmish between the Enforcers and the Forge Fathers as noted above.

Deadzone Starter Set

Inside the main set you get...

  • Hardback Rulebook
  • Battlefield Mat
  • Game tokens
  • 8-sided Dice
  • Command Dice
  • Battlezones Scenery Accessories & Connectors well as two full forces to get going in the game. Five Enforcers join forces with Five Pathfinders to have a scrap with a Ten man unit of Steel Warriors.

However that isn't all you'll be able to play as in Deadzone as they have plans for the Plague, Marauders, Veer-Myn, Rebs and the Asterians. As well as that it should be noted that lots of the new miniatures here come as hard plastic kits.

So what else has changed. Well, you can read more about the thought process that Mantic went through HERE by Ronnie Renton himself but here are the main bullet points for the 2nd Edition.

  • The game now has a beautiful, hard cover book – with the rules and army lists for all the factions inone place!
  • There is a slick game system that keeps all the charm of the first edition, while adding some great new developments, based on a more refined, intuitive set of mechanics
  • A couple of new terrain sprues that take the Battlezones range on to another level (no pun intended!)
  • Lots of the core troops in hard plastic, and razor sharp detail throughout
  • The cards have been replaced with something that’s just as much fun, but a lot easier to manage, namely the new command dice
  • A full campaign system to allow you to play a series of linked games and develop your strike force

Which all sounds good to us. Rules should also be available for Free Here at a later date.

Additionl Army Packs Available For Deadzone

Of course it wouldn't be a launch without the addition of some new models across the board. The first of these are a pair of Starter Sets for the Enforcers...

Enforcer Starter Set

This should feature some of the familiar looking troops that you've seen before but with the added addition of the rather ace looking Pathfinders which give a decidedly human quality to the otherwise faceless Enforcers.

The Forge Fathers aren't to be outdone however as they have their own Starter Set too.

Forge Father Starter Set

Here you get the Steel Warriors with their array of weapon upgrades plus some Brokkr for smashing up the enemy in close combat. Six of the Forge Guard in their heavy armour then complete the set in their suits turning them into walking tanks.

You can also expand upon these forces with some Army Sets which add in a Booster Pack of miniatures and a character to lead each force. Here are the Enforcer & Forge Father Armies.

Enforcer Army

Forge Father Army

This should help you get prepared for more dangerous experiences within the world of Deadzone and help prime you for the big battles coming your way as part of Warpath when it finally hits.

Are you tempted to leap back into the world of Deadzone?

Drop your thoughts below...

"... they have plans for the Plague, Marauders, Veer-Myn, Rebs and the Asterians"

Supported by (Turn Off)

Supported by (Turn Off)

"...these armies should help prime you for the big battles coming your way as part of Warpath when it finally hits"

Supported by (Turn Off)

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