Ex-Illis unveiling something huge at GenCon 2010

August 1, 2010 by warzan

So the guys over at Ex-Illis have been showing off these couple of cryptic images showing the base their next minature will stand on. Rumours are circulating that it could be for the Falen Angel himself who has decided that things are way too quiet in Ex-Illis land and its time to start kick arse.

Ex-Illis Monster Base Comparison

Ex-Illis Monster Base

Well if you want to find out what it is you have two choices; you can go to booth #1109 at GenCon or if your not lucky enough to get there you can sit back and watch all the action at GenCon 2010 right here at Beasts of War, as our three intrepid corespondents (who we will introduce soon) try to bring us the latest and greatest from the worlds largest games fair (in the world!).

Yup next week Beasts of War will be a blaze with all things GenCon, ok the coverage will will be experimental but we hope we make make a good job of it and show you guys this great show and all the stuff going on at it.

Other than that we are planning rolling out some coverage of Ex-Illis we have been sitting on for a while now (while we created this site etc), Ex-Illis is a game that is greatly misunderstood in the community again with its supporters (mostly those that have taken time to play it and understand its a very different take on wargaming that's 'deep' in different areas) and its detractors (again a number (but not all) of these guys haven't played it or have just watched a vid. We're gonna take a pretty deep look at it and hopefully pull out both its main strengths and its weaknesses so anyone that's willing to spend a bit of time on it can start to make an informed decision about whether its the game for them.

We basically like the game, and like a lot the more mature background story (basically it's like Constantine!) and while there are aspects of the game play we find quirky, the possible depth of the game with its levelling options and very innovative way of handling force organisation is pretty extraordinary. If your in the mood for something different, watch this space.

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