Ex illis: Emissarius available from Oct 29th

October 14, 2010 by lloyd

A bit of news in from Ex illis, the Emissarius (a huge monster armed with a massive scythe) is going to be set loose onĀ October 29th!

You may remember the beast from our GenCon 2010 coverage - here's a link šŸ™‚

Ex illis Emissarius 1

Anyway's it can kill an amazing amounts of foes with it's scythe, though its hits are quite inaccurate. The creature can also throw big stones picked up from the ground, acting like movable artillery. And its cries are so terrifying that their effect is instantaneous on the whole battlefield.

Ex illis Emissarius

Keep an eye out for it in your local gaming store from October 29th orĀ alternatelyĀ here's a link to the Ex illisĀ on-lineĀ store. I havent seen the big guy on there yet but I'm sure they will be adding him soon.

In the meantime, you can try a 30 day trial of Ex illis for free atĀ theirĀ websiteĀ www.ex-illis.com or visit our Ex illisĀ DiscussionĀ Group to find out more about the game.

BoW Lloyd.

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