The RuneWars: Miniatures Game Launches From Fantasy Flight Games

April 15, 2017 by brennon

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This week saw the release of the RuneWars: Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games. Now everyone can get their hands on it and get stuck into this mass battle game featuring some really neat mechanics and amazing models too as we've found out ourselves.

RuneWars Main Box

The game box contains both a Daqan (Human) and Waiqar (Undead) force from the world of Terrinoth which has stretched over many games from the folks at Fantasy Flight. You can see how the armies measure up below painted in their studio schemes...

RuneWars Armies

Interestingly over the Hobby Weekend, we held our community got to pick one of the forces to paint up for themselves.

Painting & Gaming With Your Forces

You can see how it all came together as we followed The Army Painter method to get our armies to the tabletop quickly.

Lloyd also put together a thread in the forums where you can show off the progress on your armies. If you'd like some inspiration this is where to get it; for example with this army by @noyjatat! More galleries are also available on the Sunday of our Hobby Weekend Live Blog.


This also meant we got to get stuck in and play the game too across the three days and learned about the simple and easy to learn mechanics. The dial system in the game is great fun and can make for some smart tactical decisions; or some horrendous mistakes that end up causing mass panic.


From what we've experienced there's a great learning curve to the game where you find yourself getting used to spacial awareness on the battlefield and learning your know-how from each subsequent battle to get into the flow of things. It's also great fun to smash things with your Rune Golems and Carrion Lancers!


If you're interested in learning more about painting your force then you can check out a PDF download from The Army Painter which goes into more detail about the techniques you can use to get some smart looking armies without much hassle.

Waiqar The Undying Painting Guide

A Daqan Guide will be coming soon so watch out for that. For now, though you've got plenty to be getting stuck into with RuneWars as the two forces clash on the tabletop.

What's Next?

As well as what you see here for your games of RuneWars, Fantasy Flight has also laid out a path for the game's expansion. First off comes the Latari Elves Army Box which will bring an entirely new army to the tabletop.


You can read more about the Latari Elves HERE where we talked in more depth about what tactics they bring to the tabletop and took a closer look at the models too.

There are also a few ways for you to pick up extra kit to help you get into the game. If you have some friends who already play the game you don't need the Core Box as you can just buy the Essentials Pack alongside your force (like the Latari Elves)...


...and an extra Dice Set too. Of course, these aren't just relegated to those who are new to the game. As they come with extra bits and pieces you can then split this with a friend who already picked up the Core Box and have your own set of dice.


The future looks bright for RuneWars and hopefully, we'll see the likes of more of their Gaming Mats coming out in the future too so you can put together interesting battlegrounds to fight on.


Considering that the next faction to come to the tabletop is going to be the chaotic forces of the Uthuk Y'llan (you can find out more about them in your Lore Guide and see some art of them below) we should be experiencing some burnt wastelands and more to change things up.


So the next thing you need to go is to go and get in a few games of this and let us know what you think of it.

Drop your thoughts in the comments below...

"From what we've experienced there's a great learning curve to the game..."

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