Ancient Lair Showcase Detailed Dungeon Display

February 13, 2019 by cassn

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Ancient Lair have designed an Epic Dungeon Display to showcase your miniatures in style!


The display (painted here by Craftworld Studio) is incredibly impressive, and has some amazing Gothic elements within the design, not least the etched metal stained glass window which sits in the centre of the model.


As you can see from the back of the display, the attention Ancient Lair have paid to the detail on the window produces a really impressive effect overall. This would be incredibly fun to paint.


This Epic Dungeon Display will be launching on Kickstarter on February 15th, and there are limited Early Bird pledges available, so keep up-to-date with Ancient Lair for the official launch this week!

What would your dream miniature display look like? Let us know below!

"Limited Early Bird pledges available!"

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