Avatars Of War Show Off Guardians & Dragon Bloods

July 20, 2013 by brennon

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Avatars of War have been powering through when it comes to sculpting and conceptualising  more for their world of Saga. Below you can check out the concept work for the Guardian and even an early Dragon Blood sculpt...

The Guardian Concept Art

This axe wielding warrior is part of a new kingdom in Saga. He certainly looks like a brutal knight and is certainly something that would interest me once it gets to production. It's a shame that so much in the Avatars of War line is so far off! They do still have a lot of Dwarfs to make though.

Dragon Blood Bull #1

Dragon Blood Bull #2

They have also previewed a very early sculpt for their Dragon Blood miniatures. This is an early look and so it's far off it's final look and the model needs its skin for one! Apart from that it apparently stands taller than a Games Workshop Lizardman and would be awesome if they can actually get it nicely dynamic.

I would really love to see some good models for use in Dungeons & Dragons for Dragonborns.

What do you think?

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