Calling all Relics Fans… especially those in the US & Canada!

June 30, 2011 by beerogre

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Tor Gaming are looking for potential fans to help spread the word about Relics in the UK, US and Canada!

Here's what to do...

Do you live in the UK, US or Canada?

Do you have a Local Games Store you visit regularly?

Do you want to earn yourself Tor Gaming's undying appreciation and a Relics Starter set all of your very own? For free?

Well, you are in luck!!!!

We are looking for people in these countries to help spread the word of Relics in their LGS. If your LGS then goes on to stock the range, you earn yourself a starter set of your choice for your work.

To take part in this, simple PM me with the following details:

  • You Name
  • The Stores Name
  • The Stores Address (town/city will do)
  • The Stores URL

Then get to work. Once you have the stores interest, you direct them to our distributors:

For North America:

For UK:

Once the store starts to stock the range, let us know and we will confirm this with our distributors. Once confirmed, we will send you the starter set of your choice with free shipping.

Note: You can only register one store at a time, and each store can only be registered by one person. Each registration will last for 42 days at which time it becomes available for registration again if it has not begun to stock Relics (you can re-register the store at that time if you are still 'working' on them!!).

If you're interested, get on over to the Tor Gaming/Relics website and email them with your details.

It's the fans who lay the vital role in getting these games acknowledged by the wider community and YOU could be a part of it... remember even Warhammer had to start somewhere... and this is how they did it!

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