The Darklands Kickstarter Comes To Victorious Close

October 17, 2013 by brennon

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The Darklands: First Edition Kickstarter by Mierce Miniatures is coming to a close today with (at the time of writing) nine hours to go. See what you think of some of the pledge levels and the warbands available...







As you might imagine this is quite the Dark Ages inspired game with some fantastic miniatures at their disposal. The range has been growing for years now and it's about time we saw them all coming together into a mighty game. The campaign has blasted through its target and eaten up some stretch goals too.



Hopefully you'll forgive the wonky images above as for some reason companies like putting out massive long pictures that don't work on our websites! However, those are some awesome characters miniatures for leading your warband and I think you might be joining me in picking my jaw up off the floor when you see the Viking style heroes.


If you fancy putting up a whole load of money and pledging so this dude gets made you could also pick him up! These guys do seem to do very well when it comes to large monsters and small warriors alike. I suggest checking out the gameplay video on their Kickstarter too.

Have you pledged for this one?

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