Kaha Miniatures Preview a Fiery Feline

October 16, 2013 by dracs

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Kaha Miniatures have put out a sketch showing off a scanitly clad feline fighter. Last of her family and weilder of a sacred fire, she is Toari Nakaema.

Toari Nakaema Concept

This little kitty is the last survivor of the royal family and as such the inheritor of a powerful sacred fire. However, she is not in full control of this. She is driven by vengeance and as strong emotions fuel the flame you can imagine what tends to happen around her. This is also, apparently, the reason why she is scantily clad.

The stance and pose being shown in this concept really show off her fiery impetuosity. There is a lot of motion here, with her hair and clothes billowing around her. Hopefuly, Kaha will be successful in bringing these qualities over to the final sculpt.

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