Micro Art Add To The Worlds Of Discworld & Wolsung

January 8, 2014 by brennon

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Micro Art Studios have plenty on the way this month but we'll start things off by looking at their miniatures for the world of Discworld and Wolsung. See what you think of Dorlf and Alice Tinkerly.

Discworld Dorfl (Front)

Discworld Dorfl (Rear)

Wolsung Alice Tinkerly (Front)

Wolsung Alice Tinkerly (Rear)

As you can see they have got Dorfl, the clay-baked Golem pretty spot on and I think that's a great addition to their rather expansive Discworld range that needs to be explored if you are a fan of the book series.

On the Wolsung side Alice Tinkerly looks like a rather tough engineer who will be working on the biggest steampunk contraptions. I wonder though, would it have been cooler if she did have her full overalls on?

Have you picked up miniatures from these ranges?

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