Twisted Games Release New Teaser Tin Man Images

February 21, 2019 by cassn

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Twisted have showcased images of the latest work-in-progress of their Tin Man, and have hinted the character may be part of a bigger 'Yellow Brick Road' expansion in the future.


Sebastian, sculptor for the steampunk skirmish game, explained the progress of this latest figure on a Facebook post:

I baked the progress, then added some additional structure for his coat tails (copper sheet), his top hat (epoxy putty), and also tested the position of his axe. Compared to the concept art, I decided to rotate the axe blade to open up the pose a little and show of the shape of the blade from the 'front angle' of the figure.


He then went on to add the arms and the remaining parts, attach the axe in the final position, and test the position of the 'backpack' exhaust pipe. There are still a few final details to be added, but we think so far it's looking pretty cool.


I really love when companies like Twisted give fans a look behind the scenes at the work which goes into their sculpts - it really opens up the hobby and sparks interest. I can't wait to see this heartless guy strolling onto the tabletop.

How do you feel about Work-In-Progress posts by companies?

"I can't wait to see this heartless guy strolling onto the tabletop!"

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