Vesper-On Show What’s Ahead For Fangs & Crosses

August 14, 2013 by brennon

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The fundraiser for Vesper-On's Carnevale Fangs & Crosses supplement is going well so far and that have got past fifty percent already. To celebrate this they have shown off some concept art of additional figures that are in the pipeline!

Unleashed Madman

Young Rascals

Above you can see the artwork for the Unleashed Madman and the Young Rascals. While they are both from very different ends of the spectrum they both have a role to play in Carnevale!

The Madman is the result of experimentation on creation of the Aberration and the Rascals are an important resources for The Guild. It pays to have eyes and ears everywhere!

Hopefully these guys will push through their stretch goals and unlock loads more!

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