New Warthrone Heroes Get Their Avatars Of War

May 22, 2013 by brennon

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Warthrone is seeing some new heroes thanks to the folks at Avatars of War. Check out whose joining the Lord of Pestilence, with a Dwarf Master Pathfinder and Kurz'Gan the Corrupted Scion below...

Dwarf Master Pathfinder

Kurz´Gan the Corrupted Scion

Lord of Pestilence with Weapon and Shield

This therefore adds new heroes to the Warriors of Apocalypse and Dwarf factions within the world of Warthrone. Rules for these fellows will exist in Spanish, but for those of us without a knowledge of foreign languages you could make them a significant part of any fantasy army.

Of course my favourite is the Dwarf Pathfinder with his loaded crossbow and brutal rune axe ready to go.

What do you think of these additions to the Warthrone line?

Let me know below.

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