Conquer The Battlefield With Para Bellum’s Hellbringer Drake

February 18, 2022 by brennon

Para Bellum Wargames has all the pre-orders and new releases coming up for Conquest. The Dweghom and the W'adhrun are the focus of today's little preview. We start with a decidedly monstrous Hellbringer Drake!

Hellbringer Drake #1 - Conquest

Hellbringer Drake // Conquest

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When the dragons had been defeated by the Dweghom, the lesser draco-forms were then subjugated and brought into service. This particular example of the species has been forced to haul the massive Hellbringer Cannons into battle.

Hellbringer Drake #2 - Conquest

Hellbringer Drake // Conquest

These weapons have been designed to hunt and kill dragons as well as level city walls into rubble. As you might have guessed, if they can take down a dragon then they are going to utterly devastate regular infantry and even some smaller monsters!

This medium monster is going to be introduced into Dweghom armies following a full release in March. Pre-orders are currently available over on Store.OnTableTop.

Aberration Of The W'adhrun!

Stepping away from the towering form of the Hellbringer Drake, we also have the W’adrhun Aberration.

Aberration - Conquest

Aberration // Conquest

Whilst many of the experiments on their kind were successes, some were not. These Aberrations have been twisted and turned into soldiers who are incompatible with nothing other than fighting. For this reason, you can introduce them alongside the likes of the W’adrhun Blooded in order to turn them into an absolutely lethal mess of rage. They can even carry on despite being impaled by enemy blades and pierced by arrows.

Are you going to be picking up these miniatures for Conquest?

"The Dweghom and the W'adhrun are the focus of today's little preview..."

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