Rumbleslam Hits The Webstore & The Mat From TTCombat

February 16, 2017 by brennon

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TTCombat has now added a whole bunch of Rumbleslam releases to their webstore for you to pick up. Not only is the core game now available to snap up but a rather fancy arena AND loads of teams too.

Rumbleslam Box

Inside the Rumbleslam Starter Box, you get two teams, the Heavy Pounders and the Green Bruisers...

Heavy Pounders

Green Bruisers

You also get all manner of cool accessories including a mat, tokens, dice and of course the rulebook to get you going. The teams look fantastic and there has been a lot of chatter about this game at my local store too.

They were even more excited to see the Rumbleslam Ring which has been done up as a nice bit of bling for the game.

Rumbleslam Ring

All you need to do is get a lick of paint on this and you'll have a fantastic creation to play out your games. I think it would be cool to work on some interesting lighting for this too, getting in an aspect of the glitz and glamour for this gaming event.

The Teams

As well as the two teams included in the main box you can also pick up plenty of additional ones too. Here's just a selection including The Deadly Divas...

The Deadly Divas

...The Raging Beasts

The Raging Beasts

...and The Runic Thunder who, you guessed it, are my favourite of the teams. You can't really ignore an awesome team of Dwarves with a big clanking robot!

The Runic Thunder

One of the other teams that I was interested in was The Cryptborn Nightmares who come with some funky looking undead fellows and that leaping Werewolf.

Cryptborn Nightmares

There are LOADS more teams for you to check out over on the website so if you are yet to delve into the wonder that is Rumbleslam you have quite the treat awaiting you.

You can also check out our Let's Play of the game HERE and at the top of the page.

What do you think?

"You can't really ignore an awesome team of Dwarves with a big clanking robot!"

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