Para Bellum’s Werewargs Hunt On Conquest’s Battlefields

November 16, 2023 by brennon

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Para Bellum Games' Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings and by extension, their skirmish game, First Blood, are getting some awesome new 35mm miniatures. This time around, the focus seems to be on the Nords and the Dweghom who are getting Werewargs and monstrous Drakes!

Artisan Series Vargyr Lord - Conquest

Artisan Series - Vargyr Lord // Conquest

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Leading the way, we have the Artisan Series miniatures for the Nords. The Vargyr Lord shows off what happens to the Blooded when they have been transformed into a creature of coiled muscle and rage. This fellow is a frontline brawler who can use that sword to great effect or simply rip and tear with its claws!

If you want to throw even more Werewargs into the mix then you also have a unit of these brutes to send thundering into enemy lines.

Werewargs - Conquest

Werewargs // Conquest

If you're looking to embrace the power of the Wargs then this is the way to go. Without the control of those before them, these beasts have become unstoppable horrors on the battlefield. They are forever hungry which means that they are going to stop at nothing to get at their new prey.

Werewargs Details - Conquest

Werewargs (Details) // Conquest

With the Vargyr Lord being joined by some Werewargs, you could have some fun on the tabletop with a themed Nords force. I also like the idea of using these to make a focused force for First Blood. Send this pack out on the hunt!

Sticking with the Nords but moving away from the bestial, we also have another Artisan Series miniatures. You can also pick up a new Female Jarl from the team at Para Bellum to lead your forces into battle.

Artisan Series Female Jarl - Conquest

Artisan Series - Female Jarl // Conquest

If you've not had a look at the Artisan Series before, these are usually highly detailed resin miniatures which can be used to make your army feel unique. Who wouldn't want to engage the warrior spirit of this Shieldmaiden and have her lead your force on the tabletop?

Artisan Series Female Jarl Details - Conquest

Artisan Series - Female Jarl (Details) // Conquest

Her pose is great, lunging forward with a spear at the ready to bring some deadly beast to the ground. There is also a lot of detail worked into the rest of the miniature from her flowing cloaks to the big Warg fur that she has over her shoulders.

Might Of The Dweghom

As well as the Nords, we also have some new miniature sets for those playing as the Dweghom. You might want to lead the way with the Raegh Drake Rider for example.

Raegh Drake Rider - Conquest

Raegh Drake Rider // Conquest

This fellow is going to be great for those who want to show off the power of the Holds from on high. They are not only dogged taskmaster who are able to manage the most unruly of beasts but can hold their own in combat too. I really like the armour design which incorporates plenty of bone and fur detail alongside the metallic elements.

If you're going to be taking a Raegh Drake Rider then you might also want an Ironclad Drake to go with it!

Ironclad Drake - Conquest

Ironclad Drake // Conquest

A seriously awesome war machine in its own right that would utterly destroy anything that gets in its way. It also seems to have claimed its last rider but don't worry, I'm sure you can add that other fellow in as a replacement and tame this killer, turning its attention to the right target on the battlefield.

With some awesome options to choose from for the Nords and Dweghom; what could you be tempted by?

"Send this pack out on the hunt!"

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