Pre-Order Your New W’adrhŭn Army For Para Bellum’s Conquest

March 29, 2021 by brennon

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Para Bellum Wargames are now taking pre-orders for the new W’adrhŭn army that is set to storm into the world of Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings and First Blood. You'll be able to pick up miniatures for both their mass battle Fantasy wargame and the skirmish game.

Wadrhun Predator - Conquest

W’adrhŭn Predator // Conquest

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First up, we have one of the hunter caste within W’adrhŭn society. Adept at hunting down monstrous beasts, the Predator is a very good leader to included as part of your force. I do really like the miniature for this new character, no doubt inspired by the Predator from the movies. The dreadlocks and the strung-together skulls complete the look! I also like that there's a felled dinosaur on the base, clearly his latest conquest.

Next up, we have the regular miniature for the Scion Of Conquest.

Wadrhun Scion Of Conquest - Conquest

W’adrhŭn Scion Of Conquest // Conquest

This will be the regular retail version of the Scion. The pose is different from the limited edition miniature that we saw a few weeks ago. This new miniature has a bit more of a commanding pose rather than getting stuck into the action. There's nothing wrong with that of course! This does mean you could pick up both and have two different Scions leading the way.

New W’adrhŭn Units

New characters need someone to lead and Para Bellum has also been working on both ranged and melee options for the W’adrhŭn. These will form the core of your army as it goes hunting in the jungle and further afield.

Wadrhun Slingers - Conquest

W’adrhŭn Slingers // Conquest

Leading the way, we have very colourful Slingers. A sling in the hands of a human might not be up for felling a monstrous Spires creation but when you give it to the muscular W’adrhŭn it's a different matter. Complete with extravagant feathered headdresses, this looks like it will be a bright spot of colour in the midst of all that leather.

If you prefer the heft of a spear then you can also pick up the new Hunters who are equally as adept at stalking the mightiest of prey.

Wadrhun Hunters - Conquest

W’adrhŭn Hunters // Conquest

Their spears make them very good in ranged engagements but they can also handle themselves in melee too. As a force that is very light on its feet, these would work very well as a skirmishing force that could draw the enemy out of position.

On the melee side of the W’adrhŭn coin, we have the Braves which we saw previewed earlier in the week.

Wadrhun Braves - Conquest Ap

W’adrhŭn Braves // Conquest

Yet to prove themselves in battle, the Braves are younger warriors who are given a more defensive role within an army. Armed with spears and shields, they might be a good way of holding ground and anticipating the enemy attack.

The more veteran Blooded then step in with weapons at the ready.

Wadrhun Blooded - Conquest

W’adrhŭn Blooded // Conquest

With access to better weaponry than the Braves, the Blooded are very much the core of your attacking force. Whilst the Braves lock down your enemy, the Blooded can leap into combat and hack apart your foes with a mix of swords and axes.

As a whole, I do really like the way the W’adrhŭn has come out as a force. I like this twist on the concept of the "Orc" and it should make for a diverse new army in the wider Conquest range. I would perhaps approach them with a brighter colour scheme though. I would be interested to see what painters do with the skin colour to make it stand out a little more from the leather and woven skins.

W’adrhŭn Boxed Sets

If you're eager to dive in and pick up the W’adrhŭn then you've got a couple of options beyond buying units individually. The first is the W’adrhŭn Warband Set.

Wadrhun Warband Set - Conquest

W’adrhŭn Warband Set // Conquest

This set comes with twenty-four Blooded/Braves, twelve Slingers/Hunters, a Scion Of Conquest, Predator and then all of the relevant accessories to play the force on the tabletop. It can be used for both The Last Argument Of Kings and First Blood with paperback rulebooks for both included alongside the command cards.

If you've already got a large Conquest force and just want to try out the W’adrhŭn then you also have the First Blood Faction Starter Set.

Wadrhun First Blood Starter Set - Conquest

W’adrhŭn First Blood Starter Set // Conquest

This comes with the Predator to lead the way, four Blooded/Braves and four Slinger/Hunters. You might want to snap this up as a way of testing your scheme on the force. It also allows you to dive in and start playing games in the Conquest world without having to paint too many miniatures!

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The miniatures are available to pre-order from Para Bellum Wargames and will be on Store.OnTableTop very soon too. So, keep your eye out!

Are you tempted by the W’adrhŭn and could they become your entry point into the world of Conquest?

"...could they become your entry point into the world of Conquest?"

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