Wild Assent’s Dragon Makes Its OTT Exclusive Debut

October 15, 2018 by dracs

The Seekers of the upcoming game Wild Assent will soon face one of the most fearsome creatures in all of fantasy, as we get an exclusive look at the large dragon.

Dragons are by far the coolest monsters there are. This model design seems to take that one step further, a two-headed monster framed by enormous, bat-like wings.

The two-headed twin dragons of the Wilds control much of the Valley of Broken Wing, hunting the animals and monsters that live in the lush ecosystem below. They are far from rare, but their homes are difficult to reach, they can often be found in great numbers and even if a group of Seekers manages to capture one, dragging the massive creature back to the Silvestrem is an ordeal all by itself. Only two twin dragons ever made it to Vareclea’s arenas and only one remains, reserved for when ticket sales slump or a foolish gladiator has angered their elven host for the last time.

These things are brutal on the tabletop, as well as in the lore. In the game's Arena mode, they occupy two Large Creature slots, are able to heal themselves by eating fallen creatures, and evoke enough terror to debuff their foes' attacks.

In the Wild, they count as threat level three and require a hefty sacrifice to capture. Taking one in though not only bags you bragging rights, you get quite a bit of gold into the bargain.

The Twin Dragon forms part of the Wild Assent expansion The Shadow of the Silvestrem.

It's not just the Dragon that this expansion brings. Other monsters have also joined the fray, such as the Bogskulker and Wisp.

New humanoid figures have also appeared, namely the Mercenary Drusus and his troupe of Lavot Defenders and Lavot Pinners.

The Kickstarter for Wild Assent launches tomorrow on October 16th.

Let us know your thoughts on these dragons in the comments below.

"Dragging the [dragon] to the Silvestrem is an ordeal all by itself."

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