NOVA Open Charity Raffle For Ukraine Now Live! Do Your Bit!

May 17, 2022 by brennon

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The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation has joined forces with Kromlech and creators from across the world (including us!) for a raffle that is seeking to support Ukrainian refugees. Working through Nova Ukraine, they are seeking to provide humanitarian aid to those displaced by war.

Charity Raffle - NOVA

Charity Raffle // NOVA Open Charitable Foundation

The charity raffle runs from May 15th through to June 15th and prizes will be shipped worldwide. Proceeds will go to the aforementioned Nova Ukraine and you can see a breakdown of how money has already been spent HERE.

There are loads of great miniatures to check out!

Dioramas & Displays - NOVA

Dioramas & Displays // NOVA Open Charitable Foundation

Large Models & Vehicles - NOVA

Large Models & Vehicles // NOVA Open Charitable Foundation

This is just a little look at some of the miniatures, vehicles and more that are available for you to snag raffle tickets for. All you have to do is click on each of the individual entries over on the Raffle Page and it will give you options to buy a ticket for that specific item.

Single Miniatures - NOVA

Single Miniatures // NOVA Open Charitable Foundation

As well as the options to potentially snag yourself the miniatures, you'll also find details on the creators who brought these pieces to life. It's neat diving into the background of each particular miniature and you'll find in-depth gallery images and even videos in some cases!

You'll note that our very own Deffstompa that we designed alongside the folks from Kromlech is in the mix! So, if you wanted the Deffstompa with an inbuilt smoke machine then snag a ticket and cross your fingers!

Are you going to be diving in and buying a raffle ticket?

"You'll note that our very own Deffstompa that we designed alongside the folks from Kromlech is in the mix! "

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