Broken Anvil Bring New Fantasy Wargame Rivenstone To Life Soon!

April 18, 2022 by brennon

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Broken Anvil Miniatures, led by Will Hungerford and Faye Reppas (amongst others) are bringing their new Fantasy wargame to Kickstarter soon. Rivenstone is a brand new skirmish game featuring some fascinating miniatures and mechanics.

Rivenstone Art - Broken Anvil Miniatures

Rivenstone Art // Broken Anvil Miniatures

More lore can be delved into from Broken Anvil Miniatures (check the blog) but to give you an overview, the forces of the world of Venn are battling over a material known as Rivenstone. Magic is suffused into everything that the people of Venn do and is used in pretty much everything you do regardless of whether or not you're a normal person or a mighty hero. With that in mind, the powerful Rivenstone is what you'll be fighting over during your games.

Scenarios in Rivenstone are mixed in alongside an Event Deck that affects the course of the action during your games. This adds a tactical but narrative element to the games that you play when diving into Rivenstone. A small model count for each side and alternating activation then start to tick even more boxes when it comes to what this game has to offer.

If you're interested in learning more about the gameplay of Rivenstone then Will Hungerford and Faye Reppas put together a pretty awesome Tutorial Battle Report (see below) that runs you through the basics of gameplay.

Rivenstone Tutorial Battle Report // Broken Anvil Miniatures

The game seems like it offers up a good back and forth between the players and focuses on gameplay that isn't just about smashing your opponent's face in. Games should typically last about sixty minutes but the tutorial takes a little longer as they are diving into what all of the mechanics mean.

The Miniatures Of Rivenstone

As well as learning a little about the background of Venn and gameplay, Broken Anvil has also been showing off some of the stunning miniatures they have lined up. I've not been able to find out exactly what scale these miniatures are but they look somewhere between 32mm and 35mm with some absolutely towering miniatures in the mix.

The Shattered Empire - Rivenstone

The Shattered Empire // Rivenstone

The first of the factions that have been shown off in all of their painted glory is The Shattered Empire. Their focus is on a set of warriors who have fully integrated Rivenstone into pretty much everything they do. They have seriously cool weapons and augmented limbs that allow them to harness more and more power.

Matched against them are the likes of The Orrix. Where The Shattered Empire use firearms and heavy armour, The Orrix shun these fancy weapons in favour of heavy axes and swords. Charge forward and tear your enemies apart in close combat rather than having to bother about novel concepts like cover.

The Orrix - Rivenstone

The Orrix // Rivenstone

As well as the painted miniatures that we see here, the folks at Broken Anvil have also shown off a few teasers for the other forces that are coming to the world of Rivenstone. You have your Dwarves in the form of The Iron Guard!

The Iron Guard - Rivenstone

The Iron Guard // Rivenstone

If you fancy exploring something a little more dark and twisted then you can call on the power of The Risen. Who wouldn't want to play with clanking machine-supported warriors and the monstrous undead?

The Risen - Rivenstone

The Risen // Rivenstone

Last but not least, we also have The Wild.

The Wild - Rivenstone

The Wild // Rivenstone

As the folks from Broken Anvil said, "We needed a place for the giant mutant spiders, the raging elementals, the mad mercenaries, and the dragons to live." This feels like the faction that is going to draw in a lot of people who like quirkier miniatures.

All of these factions are explored in more detail over on the Rivenstone Website!

Rivenstone Kickstarter

All of these miniatures and the game itself are coming to Kickstarter very soon.

Rivenstone Kickstarter - Black Anvil Miniatures

Rivenstone Kickstarter // Broken Anvil Miniatures

The campaign launches on the 26th April where you'll be able to get your hands on Starter Sets for each of the factions that we've mentioned above. Each of the sets comes with a range of models to get you going alongside all of the rules and gubbins.

Starter Boxes - Rivenstone

Starter Boxes // Rivenstone

So, what do you make of Rivenstone from this first look at the game? Do you see this being the new Fantasy wargame that finds its way into your collection? There are some interesting factions to choose from and the miniatures are looking pretty swish too!

Are you going to be diving into Rivenstone when it arrives on Kickstarter?

"There are some interesting factions to choose from and the miniatures are looking pretty swish too!"

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