Community Spotlight: Cheap Buildings, Bellowing Orks & Modern Soldiers

November 10, 2019 by crew

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Come and join us for another delve into the Forums and Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great looking pieces this week...

Community Spotlight: Cheap Buildings, Bellowing Orks & Modern Soldiers

...make sure to always let us know what YOU have been working on and share it across the site.

Affordable Star Wars Housing by sundancer

We're kicking things off today with a look at some inventive work by the mind of sundancer. This fellow is very into Star Wars: Legion and needed some quick and easy terrain for the tabletop So, after cracking out the inlays from some of the expansions for the game he set to work making these awesome looking sand buildings you can see here on the tabletop.

Star Wars Legion Buildings #1 by sundancer

These buildings were just regular old flimsy plastic, to begin with, but after a little bit of work, they were turned into these great looking buildings you see here. You can see them in one of their earlier stages here after a slap of spackle over the top and some sand for that effective look you see above.

Star Wars Legion Buildings #2 by sundancer

As well as the regular plastic inlays which got converted up as you see here you'll also note that there are a few 3D printed elements glued in place as well. These pieces were sent over by fellow community member @evilstu who really seemed to help bring these buildings to life.

You'll note as well that on the pictures right at the top there are some posters and such plastered on the walls which starts to produce the image of a lived-in world where your Star Wars forces are clashing. If you're looking to follow the methods that sundancer used to create these pieces you can read more on the Project link above.

Iron Boss Ork by lawnor

Next up, we're venturing to the grimdark world of Warhammer 40,000, or at least an alternative of it. Here we have lawnor's work on the epic Artel W Miniatures Iron Boss who would be an excellent leader for your Space Ork force.

Iron Boss #1 by lawnor

This is a bloomin' brilliant paint job and it does exactly what I wanted! I have seen so many of the Artel W miniatures in render and basic resin form but its good to see things go to the next level and get painted up, ready for battle. This model looks great with its proper blocky paint job looking perfect for an Ork and the bright poppy red works really well against the darker metallic areas and the skin of the Iron Boss too.

As well as the big model, lawnor also worked on the scenic base you can see here too. He can be removed from that as well so that he might be used in a proper gaming context.

Iron Boss #2 by lawnor

I really love Orks and I think they are one of the most fun armies to play as in Warhammer 40,000. I love the mash-up of dark comedy and seething rage that you get with the Orks and it helps that you don't feel like things are getting too serious when you're playing games as them. It's a bit like playing as Skaven in Warhammer Fantasy Battle or Age Of Sigmar.

British & Taliban Forces by collins

Last but not least we're getting Modern with some models painted up by collins from the White Dragon Miniatures Courage In Contact range. This is a great selection of both British and Taliban Moderns by the way and you can check out two squads painted up here as proof!

Moderns #1 by collins

First up we have this team of British soldiers who are armed with their iconic rifles, ready to get stuck into the fighting. I love the work on the camouflage here and the way that the key elements of the miniature have been picked out nicely, namely the guns and the visors/glasses that they're wearing. The basing is also perfect for the region and you can see this in the Taliban troops which have been painted up too.

Moderns #2 by collins

The thing which is nice to see here is the contrast we have between these troops, more ragtag and mismatched, against the uniform elements available for the British. There is a good mix of lighter colours on offer here which then work well against the darker turbans, headdresses and beards of these troops. It works really well to show off a more earthy force which feels like they've been scrabbling around the battlefield.

This all comes together in some cool scenic shots from collins which you can see on his profile linked above.

Moderns #3 by collins

This scene shows off some Taliban fighters ambushing British troops as they storm into a compound which might house one of their nefarious leaders. The terrain here looks amazing and I love seeing photography 'in situ' like this. This is the kind of stuff which sells a game or model range to me.

Do you think you'll be picking up some of these models for a bit of modern warfare goodness?

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