Community Spotlight: A Super Terrain for Chibi Minis, Crypt Flayers & Intercessor Squads

August 18, 2017 by lancorz

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We're going to run out of buttons at this rate, the projects that have been impressing us each week have been out of this world. We've dived into the Hobby & Painting Forum this week to bring you the best of what we think has graced our forums this week.

Crypt Flayers by doctorether

First up, Chris has been astounding us with these amazing Crypt Flayers, the detail on the wings and the disgusting nature of the beasties are something to be praised!

I don't think I'd want to visit these guys in a dark alley after midnight.

Super Dungeon Explorer Terrain by greatblokkienl

We don't get a lot of Super Dungeon Explorer, bar the tutorial which coincidently released yesterday... however, when we do, it's always a sight to be seen. greatblokkienl has been working away on this amazing terrain board, which appears to be a floating island in the sky.

The extraordinary amount of detail that's went into this terrain piece is gorgeous, plus how the style and colour has been excellent in keeping with the theme of Super Dungeon Explorer also.

Who else has a fairy tale theme in their head? Wouldn't this be excellent for a kids game of saving/capturing Rapunzel?

Intercessors Squad by tmsmnns

You may recognise Mr Mennes from our series of Mennes Mini Mash Ups, however some may not know that Tomas, is an amazing painter with his own unique style too.

When I saw these come up on the forums, I instantly knew... "that has to be Tomas", Tomas' cartoon like paint style with his hard shading and highlighting has impressed me ever since, and seeing these amazing Intercessors have been no different.

Even though Tomas has his own place with sculpting here at BoW, I felt it's time he deserves a golden badge for his amazing freehand work, not to mention the army overall.

That's it for another week!

Each week it's an experience diving deep into the forums with great expectations, and for those expectations to be blown away! If you've been working on something you're proud of make sure to create your own topic in the Hobby & Painting Forum and show us what you got!

We don't mind if you're a newcomer to painting or perhaps a veteran of the brush, everything you do inspires us and everyone to create more content and hobby together!

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