Conan: Rise Of Monsters Launches On Kickstarter

July 31, 2015 by brennon

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Conan: Rise Of Monsters (CROM) from Pulposaurus Entertainment is now live on Kickstarter! You can find out more about the game below and then considering heading over to the project to pledge. The BIG thing about this, as well as being Conan related, is that it comes with a whole range of pre-painted miniatures right out of the box...

Conan Rise of Monsters Logo

The Game World

CROM sees you playing out a brand new story based on artwork and inspiration drawn out of the original stories and the Marvel/Dark Horse comic books. You will either take control of the legendary King Conan or the evil Sorcerer Thoth-Amon and do battle using pre-painted miniatures...

Circle of Iron

These pledges here represent what you get within each of the different boxes for CROM. The idea is that you play the game right out of the box using their simple and easy to learn rules which then lead to deeper strategy down the line.

Legion Of Set

The Rules?

So how does the game play? Using statistic cards as you'll see below you will be rolling the custom designed dice to resolve conflicts on the tabletop. In addition to that you'll have access to cards like the Fate Deck which can be used to push and pull the tides of war in your favour...

Stat Card


Playtesting for the game has been in effect for just over a year and they are currently at Gen Con showing off the game to folks too. You can check out the post on the Live Blog from Dawn & Gianna who have had a look at the booth and will be going back to talk to them later this weekend.

Hopefully we'll have a gameplay video before too long too.

The Miniatures

One of the big selling points about this game is that they are going with pre-painted models. Now, these aren't your typical pre-paints as they have gone to great lengths to get the best in the business to work on these. See what you think of the Skeletons and more below...

Skeleton Pre-Paint



Priests Of Set


Not bad I would say. It's certainly a HUGE step forwards for a mass combat game like this. While a lot of the photography of the miniatures is of their production copies they have promised to try and keep things as close to them as possible.

Of course it wouldn't be a Kickstarter without some add-on miniatures and once again Adrian Smith is doing artwork for Conan and has provided two variants of King Conan and Thoth-Amon for you to check out...

Adrian Smith Conan

Adrian Smith Thoth-Amon

There are also plenty more add-ons where they came from including new units and, don't fret, if you would prefer them un-painted they might have a pledge level for you too. Stretch Goals are also all set and ready to go so we'll see how quickly they hit them!

One of the big things is some alternative poses for the units in the main boxed forces. If they could unlock them then that's a big boon for backers.

Will you be backing?

"You will either take control of the legendary King Conan or the evil Sorcerer Thoth-Amon and do battle using pre-painted miniatures..."

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"Hopefully we'll have a gameplay video before too long too..."

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