Drowned Earth – New Releases On The Way!

September 10, 2018 by dignity

Justin is joined by James Baldwin to talk about everything new coming to The Drowned Earth: Miniatures Game.

Drowned Earth - New Releases

James gets to show off new characters and their models for some of the factions, including their stat cards so you can start building them into your forces. The detail on the model for Ando, in particular, is spectacular as the 'Dino Chopper' wielding dwarf also has cigar fumes integrated into the miniature.

Justin was so pre-occupied with whether he could, he didn't stop to think whether he should show an image that has been kept a secret by the team...

If life - uhhhh - were to find a way, what Dinosaur would you most like to see Jeff Goldblum riding like a stallion?

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