Plast Craft Head To Feudal Japan With Next Color-ED Range

November 6, 2015 by brennon

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Plast Craft Games have gone back in time to Feudal Japan with their latest range of Color-ED Terrain. Designed with Kensei in mind this set of pre-painted terrain will focus on bringing Japan to life for 28mm to 35mm ranges. See what you think of it, available very soon...


All of the terrain is designed in the same way as the rest of their range, allowing you to build terrain very quickly. It's great to see them looking at entirely different designs with their gates, temples, bridges and more...

The Village

First off we're going to be taking a look at the smaller buildings in the range which form the little village outside of the Temple.

White Buildings (Main)

White Buildings (Close)

These buildings might look very basic but I think these are the kind of building you could grab in a number of different quantities and order them in different ways to create a fantastic village landscape. I also like that the roofs have that gentle slope to them, perfect for a Ninja to run across the top of.

The Temple

I keep calling this a Temple but it might not be. I like to think it's a perfect place for a group of Monks to hole up, train, and generally live out an idyllic existence next to the water. Well, until your hordes come crashing in with swords waving around in the air setting everything on fire.



I really like this little outcrop feature on their diorama board and the bridge that leads to it. This is something I would recreate if I was looking to make a board in this style. I think this could provide you with a wonderful narrative on the tabletop where your Samurai are just about holding out, blocking the bridge against attackers.

Interestingly if some of the scatter terrain comes within the sets you could use it to almost barricade the bridge as the defender.


Who would have thought someone could get excited about gates. Well, I think these make for quite a statement on the tabletop being in bright red and serve as an interesting focal point for your skirmishing. I particularly like that you get the two little guard tower type buildings next to them, although they might also be Shrines.

Gate #1

Gate #2

You could even take this terrain away from the Feudal Japanese era and into something like Sci-Fi or the modern day, since a lot of the buildings in Japan appear to have the same kind of design even now. I could see these lit by up neon with graffiti over them as Yakuza fight in a more rural setting.

OR, take it one step further and make it into a Cyberpunk district where you're running away from heavily armoured Samurai cops!

What do you think?

"I really like this little outcrop feature on their diorama board and the bridge that leads to it..."

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