Juggernaut Clashes With The X-Men In Marvel: Crisis Protocol

September 13, 2021 by brennon

Things are heating up for fans of the X-Men and Brotherhood Of Mutants in Atomic Mass Games' Marvel: Crisis Protocol. A brand new trailer (done, once again, in the style of an excellent 90s toy/cartoon advert) showed off Juggernaut and more!

X-Men & Juggernaut Reveal Trailer // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

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As the trailer suggests, there are plenty of great things for you to snap up in the near future. Leading the way, we have Juggernaut who is going to be rampaging across the tabletop crushing everything in his path.

Juggernaut - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Juggernaut // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Juggernaut is another of their massive sets which gives you a towering miniature to paint up and add to your collection. It seems apt that he comes with a traffic light to bat you around with. I think that you'll find he has plenty of ways to throw you into terrain and in turn throw terrain at you!

Joining the X-Men to fight against the rampage of Juggernaut we have a couple of new X-Men! One of the sets comes with Rogue & Gambit.

Rogue - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Rogue // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Once again, I love that these miniatures have got plenty of the 90s cartoon in their design as well as capturing their look from the comic books. I really like the dynamic look of both Rogue and Gambit (below) who are in the middle of something action-packed.

Gambit - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Gambit // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Gambit was always one of my favourite X-Men. I love Wolverine of course but I also really liked the cocky attitude of Gambit. I'd love to see them bring Iceman into the mix soon too as he is very much up there as part of the top three.

Kicking the ass of everyone in his way, we also have Colossus! This Russian badass is going to be one hell of a "tank" to drop into your games.

Colossus - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Colossus // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Stepping away from the more well-known X-Men we also have Magick joining the fray. Much like with Gambit and Rogue, this pairing come in their own set.

Magick - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Magick // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Who wouldn't want to lunge from the depths of a magical portal to strike at their foes with a big glowing blade? One of the nice things about Marvel: Crisis Protocol is that even if you just paint up the miniatures, the heroes look amazing as display pieces.

You can see the different packs below as well as the big Crashed Sentinel Terrain Pack. That works particularly well with both Rogue and Colossus!

New X-Men Packs - Marvel Crisis Protocol

New X-Men Packs // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

If you'd like to know more about what Atomic Mass Games have planned, they also put together more videos over the weekend looking at the future of Marvel: Crisis Protocol...

What's Next For Marvel: Crisis Protocol? // Atomic Mass Games

The Future Of Marvel: Crisis Protocol // Atomic Mass Games

As Gerry has pointed out to us, there are now so many characters available for Marvel: Crisis Protocol that you could easily play out proper hero vs villain encounters now. I think the X-Men, in particular, would be ace to snap up!

Are you going to be snapping these up?

"Who wouldn't want to lunge from the depths of a magical portal to strike at their foes with a big glowing blade?"

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