Warforged: First Contact Launches On Kickstarter

April 18, 2017 by brennon

Warforged: First Contact has now launched on Kickstarter, the game by Andy Chambers and Reforged Studios.

Warforged First Contact (Main)

So what is Warforged: First Contact...

"Warforged: First Contact is a classic tabletop “man versus aliens” miniatures board game for two or more players inspired by the classics of yore such as Space Crusade and the much beloved Space Hulk, as well as influenced by more B movies (and AAA movies) than we’d like to confess to having seen.

The plot: an elite group of warriors attempts to fight their way into the stronghold of a previously unknown enemy – an enemy that proves ever more threatening the further they go."

Warforged Gameplay

This skirmish level game combines a lot of what's great about the world of miniatures games as well as the board games we've been delving into as hobbyists.

  • 2+ Players using Iron Legion versus the Mantra (additional players take command of separate Iron Legion squads; the Mantra player acts as "dungeon master").
  • 20-60 minutes play time depending on the scenario.
  • Unique and accessible command card activation system.
  • A wide selection of friends and enemies to use from lowly expendables to mighty heroes.
  • Traps, alien conditions and reinforcements shift the odds through a game. Victory is rarely assured and games remain exciting to the last throw of the dice.

If you want to find out more about how the game plays then you can check out the Let's Play at the top of the page. Justin and John faced off using an early version of the game.

The Factions & Miniatures

Of course one of the big things we love about these games are the miniatures and Warforged: First Contact comes with some great ones. Firstly we have the Iron Legion...

Iron Legion

"The Iron Legionaries are tough fighters that are well-armed for ranged fighting with rifles and a variety of heavy weapons. They can also field a mighty Ironclad in support."


"The Mantra forces vary greatly; Chorals are quick but fragile hand-to-hand fighters that become deadly when massed, hulking Descants have the ability to pound Legionaries both up close and from a distance, while the Deva are winged terrors quite capable of ripping through an entire Legionary squad."

These two forces are then led into battle by a pair of characters. Stepping up first we have Kara. It's awesome to see a bad ass armoured lady leading the way and I like the blend of Fantasy and Sci-Fi in her design.


"Kara is commander of the Iron Legion forces, one of the Authority’s Awoken whose connection to the Brand is so strong it has unlocked truly superhuman abilities.

Kara is a virtually unstoppable force in close combat, and her very presence can inspire her Legionaries to fight to the death and beyond."

She is then battling against Angra who is decidedly original in design. It's epic seeing a big Sci-Fi elephant hitting the tabletop armed with all manner of cannons.


"Angra is the thrice-blessed prophet of the Ganth race, vanguard of the Mantra and the first truly divine to arrive in the reality shard occupied by humanity.

So far he is not impressed. Angra wields the heaviest firepower available to the Mantra in the shape of his triple-barrelled Fury cannon."

If this game has hit you then you will want to think about pledging. The game is going great guns at the moment and with a buy in of around £100 this could well be a good game to step into.

With some expandable content on the way this could be a new hobby in its own right to get stuck into. This is certainly seeming to be the trend at the moment.

What do you think of the game?

"Warforged: First Contact is a classic tabletop “man versus aliens” miniatures board game for two or more players inspired by the classics of yore such as Space Crusade and the much beloved Space Hulk..."

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