Get A Peek At The City States Miniatures For Conquest!

December 28, 2022 by brennon

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Para Bellum Games recently previewed more of the next faction to arrive on the battlefields of Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings. The City States are marching to war in all of their 35mm glory with new kits featuring epic infantry, monsters and more.

City States - Conquest

City States // Conquest

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These previews were looked over during a recent livestream where Para Bellum talked about what they have planned for the future as we move into 2023. The City States were the next big thing coming down the pipeline with some excellent miniatures that draw on the Ancient Greek aesthetic and tie it in with a good dose of mythology.

At the core of your army are going to be the Hoplites and Phalangites that hold the line against the advancing enemy. On the one hand, you have the Hoplites who have been mustered from the cities and drilled to fight on the battlefield. Citizen soldiers who ain't no pushover! Look at those helmets! All of the 300 vibes!

Hoplites Phalangites & Polemarch

Hoplites, Phalangites & Polemarch // Conquest

You also have the more veteran elements of your infantry in the introduction of the Phalangites. These are your professional and grizzled soldiers who have fought many battles and bring their deadly pikes to bear on the battlefield. I'm not sure I'm as sold on them as the Hoplites but they still look very, very good.

Leading the way, there are also a couple of characters coming down the line including the Polemarch as seen above. You also have characters like the Artistarch (below). I like the Polemarch but I think this fellow takes the crown as the "coolest City States character" so far.

Minotaur Thyreans Haspists & Aristarch - Conquest

Minotaur Thyreans And Haspists + Aristarch // Conquest

It wouldn't be an army themed around Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology without some Minotaurs though would it? To that end, there are two packs of these that come in plastic! You've got the Thyreans with their double-handed weapons, ready to storm the lines and break through ranks of infantry followed by the Haspists who bring shields into the mix. I really like the shield-bearing Minotaurs in particular and the thought of a massive bulwark just holding down a section of the battlefield.

Last but not least, we got something absolutely cyclopean!

Prometheans - Conquest

Promethean & Hephaestian // Conquest

If you ever wondered how the City States became what they are, this is how. Allies of the City States since their first days, these towering titans have strode across the battlefields of Ea looking to utterly sunder those that would dare stand against their might. You can either create or destroy with the powerful hammers of the Prometheans or the elemental prowess of the Hephaestian. These look absolutely bonkers and are going to be fun when standing tall on the battlefield.

There is much more to come from Conquest in 2023 and we'll be sure to keep you up to date with all of that. New army sets and the like will be coming out to allow you to get stuck into the game and all sorts. You can also get involved and help them with Project 8 as Para Bellum decide where to go next with their world.

What do you make of the City States?

"Look at those helmets! All of the 300 vibes!"

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