Taking A Peek At Signum Games’ Dragon Hunters Miniatures

August 27, 2019 by brennon

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Signum Games are currently on Kickstarter looking for funding to bring their game, Dragon Hunters to life. Set within their own Fantasy world you will either take on the role of one of three hunters or the deadly Dragon, Paraxis The Ruthless in a battle for loot and honour.


We've recently done a video on the game, taking you through gameplay for two players and you can also check out a look at the basic Core Box for the game below which shows off the different characters like Elia, Tulum and Baldassar.

Dragon Hunters Core Set - Signum Games

You can come and watch the playthrough that we've put together with Ryan and Sam here...

Make sure to give it a watch as it runs through the basics of the mechanics and gives you a good idea about the game in general. Playthroughs are a handy way to know if a particular game is going to be for you.

Miniature Showcase

One of the other cool things about Dragon Hunters, beyond the mechanics, is the array of miniatures you get in the game. This shows off just how big Paraxis is for example against some of the Hunters.

Dragon Hunters Miniature Scale

But, we want to have a look at the miniatures in a little more detail and Signum Games offered us a closer look at them so we can see more of the detail in the figures.

Dragon Hunters Group Render

As you can see, even though they are in render form, the folks at Signum Games have really put the work in when developing this range. There is a lot of detail worked into the armour and weapons as well as the expressions on the characters faces. In particular, I really like the Wizard Baldassar who has managed to tame a Dragon of his own so he can use it against the evil Paraxis.

Dragon Hunters Group Alt

Another thing you'll notice from this preview of the models is that the Dragon Whelps are also a nice addition to the game collection. Summoned by Paraxis these whelps are going to be another thorn in the side of the hunters as they try and loot the treasures that Paraxis has managed to hoard away.

We also got a look at this alternative take on Elia, the Amazon's Queen. She stands triumphant above the hacked head of Paraxis with her dragon-bone weapon in hand. I do like that there's an almost Monster Hunter vibe about this which gets you into the mindset of larger than life hunters.

Dragon Hunter #1

We also wanted to take a closer look at the Dragon, Paraxis. As Warren said during a recent Weekender episode we were pretty blown away by the sculpting here, showing off the swooping dragon as it dives down upon its foes. I am a massive fan of Dragons and love painting them up.

Diving Dragon #1

This particular Dragon has lots of nice 'sections' of the model for painters. All of the scales should come out very nicely with a shade and highlight over the top of them plus the wings, especially with the folds worked into them. I think from there you're going to have fun working on that terrible maw which is belching forth fire.

Here you can see a look at the miniature for Paraxis closer up including a stylish look at the fire. I think what you really want to change up here is the addition of some cool object source lighting. Diving Dragon Fire

This is also a little bit of a hint towards plans that Signum Games have for the future where they are working on some pre-painted versions of the miniatures. Currently however through the Kickstarter, you'll just get the classic grey miniatures which you can paint yourself.

Make sure to let us know if you've got involved with Dragon Hunters!

"I am a massive fan of Dragons..."

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