Quick Look: Wargames Atlantic – Skeletons, Troopers & RGD Fauns

May 15, 2019 by dracs

Wargames Atlantic sent over some previews of their latest plastic miniatures.

First, we have these Fauns, currently on Kickstarter from RGD Gaming.

Wargames Atlantic helped RGD Gaming to create these plastics. They capture the classic style of mythical fauns and gives you plenty of options to build them as a fantasy force.

Lurching behind them, we find Wargames Atlantic's own Skeleton Infantry.

These guys are currently up for pre-order, seeing release this month, and capture a classic Harryhausen-style look.

They proved a bit more fiddly to put together at points, but their sprue offered a good level of variety and that ancient Greek style is one that really makes me want to see a full army of them.

Finally, we have Wargames Atlantic's Raumjager Infantry, also up for pre-order.

The Raumjager Infantry have a particularly impressive selection of weapons available to them, and I really appreciated the different head options they have available.

However, the non-helmeted head options do have a tendency to sink down into the heavy collar and uniform of the model, making them a bit squat.

Of the three, these were perhaps my least favourite, but a lot of that can be put down to my own preference for fantasy over sci-fi.

All in all, we are left with a very good array of figures here that will fit well into plenty of different games and settings. I hope we get to see more of them, as well as some other additions to fit into their force.

Which of these three catch your eye? 

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