Stunning Step By Step Demo Game Instructions Available For Journey!

March 29, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

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It's finally time to make the long awaited Journey with Marrow Production as they teach us the ways of Wrath of Demons in a new PDF download showing off a demo game!

Journey Demo Game PDF

journey box

We are just a few months over a year out from the Kickstarter being funded for this wonderful, Far East themed dungeon crawler (if you will). Though there has been a wait, gamers will find the end result totally worth it. As evidenced by the stunning scuplts with exquisite paint jobs, it's easy to see that Marrow prides themselves on quality work, and it's that quality that we will enjoy in our games very soon.

Journey painted miniatures

In Journey: Wrath of Demons, four Pilgrims band together to search ancient China for the Sutras, sacred scriptures that will bring salvation to a world overrun with Demons. This unique game allows 1 to 4 players control the four Pilgrims and the game’s AI controls the Demons and other creatures. Game cards, custom dice combine and a beautiful spinner make for fast, tense action and critical choices that enhance the Pilgrims’ skills during the game. There are different 10 quests included in the game, each taking about 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Diverse playing styles are possible - Do you ruthlessly hack and slash, killing all Demons in the Pilgrims’ path? Or take a more virtuous path, cleansing the Demons’ souls. All these decisions affect the Pilgrims’ abilities, skills and equipment and make the game different every time it's played. Even a solo player can enjoy this game with the AI bringing forth demons to battle.

Journey dice

To tide us over, Marrow Production has released a beautiful, full color, play by play rule book for a demo game of their long awaited, Journey: Wrath of Demons. Not only does this book look amazing, but it was done so well. They literally walk you through each step of play with predetermined results, so they offer you the ability to use the components of the game along with them as they explain the different mechanics and triggers throughout play.

Journey demo rules

Journey Demo Game PDF

This gives you an overall feel to the flavor of the game and how the models interact with one another. Speaking of the models, you'll note that they are not really shown in the rules, but the cards for each model within the demo are shown so a gamer can see the individual stats needed throughout play. The characters included in the demo game are: Cho Hakkai, The Monkey King, Monk Sha, and Tripitaka. Allow me to take a minute to remind you of just how amazing these miniatures are-

journey group

If you saw the recent weekender that covered the Conan Kickstarter, you might have noticed that when they discussed the quality and material of the scuplts, some of the samples shown were from Marrow Production and for Journey! Durable plastic, keeping the fantastic detail that we as gamers and painters adore.

Plastic Monkey King painted 1

These are images of the Monkey King painted by Hon Ho to demonstrate just how lovely the minis look in the plastic! They have managed to retain all the stunning details that were captured in the resin casts. Now, if we all could paint this well....

Plastic Monkey King painted 3

journey game contents

Chinese Mythology is a rich and beautiful environment that is under represented in games, and it's these myths that give Journey a large pool of art, architecture, and drama to draw upon. The striking map tiles, tokens, cards and highly detailed miniatures capture the Pilgrims and their world perfectly. But the themes run much deeper - skills, weapons, harmful conditions, custom dice and the Karma game mechanic stay true to the environment, fully immersing the players in the game world. Marrow even went as far as providing some fantastic terrain details to provide even more atmosphere to the game.

journey well

One thing is for certain, there will be a lot of very happy and very happy gamers when they have the pleasure of opening their games and exploring the contents. Until then, we can study this demo game and get a feel for what this Journey will have in store.

Journey Demo Game PDF

What do you think of the demo rules for Journey?

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