Let’s Play: U-BOOT – The Board Game

January 18, 2018 by brennon

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Today we're diving into the Irish Sea as we crew our submarine in U-BOOT The Board Game from Phalanx Games.

Let's Play: UBOOT - The Board Game

Each of the four roles entails unique responsibilities, encouraging the players to develop an effective communication scheme and use genuine navy terminology. The Captain oversees the completion of mission objectives, supervises action point costs, and is responsible for the crew's morale. The First Officer operates the companion app, manages the flow of information, and takes care of the crew's health.

The Navigator steers the submarine by setting its course and depth but also updates all the essential information on the strategic, and the tactical map. Last, but not least, is the Chief Engineer, who is responsible for the engines, repairs, as well as other mechanical implements on board of the U-boat (such as the ballast tanks, weapon systems, etc.)

The idea behind the companion app is to deliver a real-time, realistic gameplay experience. To that end, the app features the essential instruments of the u-boat (such as the periscope, the hydrophone, and the Enigma, among others).

Rest assured, however, that the vast majority of gameplay traditionally takes place on the game board, with the instruments revealing otherwise hidden information, and the app requiring only certain data (such as the U-boat's course, speed, etc.) in order to generate an adequate A.I. response of the enemy force.

Can we survive the journey or will John sail us to the depths, tune in for this high-speed adventure.

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