Battlefront Plan Their Flames Of War Late War Journey For 2019

January 14, 2019 by brennon

Battlefront is putting together their plans for Late War Flames Of War in 2019 and beyond. This year sees a massive push as the invasion begins and forces start landing in Normandy to try and drive the Germans back to Berlin.

Flames Of War Late War - Battlefront Miniatures

Here you can see the roadmap for their journey throughout this year. It starts off in June with releases for both tank lovers and those looking to expand upon this with full-on armies. As well as that you'll also see more focused books like the American, German, British and Waffen-SS books which will help to tailor your force in more detail.

Flames Of War Late War (Additional) - Battlefront Miniatures

All of this is in an effort to change up Late War gaming to the new edition of Flames Of War (currently 4th) and bringing it in line with the rest of the range. A couple of things that caught my eye were the Hit The Beach Starter Set and then the Fury set which gifts you some proper tank-on-tank brutality.

Fury - Battlefront Miniatures

Fortress Europe is no doubt going to be the turning point for some people, pushing those Mid-War forces into the Late War and allowing you to get a sense of progression from a force. It would be great to try and chart the fortunes of your force from its early days all the way through to the end of this conflict actually!

Fortress Europe - Battlefront Miniatures

More details on all of the books and expansions we've talked about here can be found on the link above (and HERE for your convenience). It is a massive undertaking, that's for sure, and whilst it might be a long time coming for some of the products there are plenty of ways to enjoy the game until your force gets its new book.

Late War Sale

As well as this announcement of new stuff for Late War players, you'll also find a sale hitting from Battlefront between 18th January and 10th February 2019.

Late-War Sale - Battlefront Miniatures

During this period there will be 33% off miniatures and 50% off books so if this period has caught your attention, and you want to stock up on some miniature-based goodness for the future, then you have a chance to do so over the next few weeks.

Are you tempted by some Late War wargaming?

"All of this is in an effort to change up Late War gaming to the new edition of Flames Of War..."

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