Battlefront Open Up Pre-Orders For Flames Of War D-Day British

February 21, 2020 by brennon

Battlefront Miniatures has gone all Limey this month as not only have they unleashed options to buy World War III British but also those fighting during World War II as well. A new book and more are on the way for those battling across Europe and beyond.

D-Day British Book Cover - Flames Of War

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First up we have the book which will give you all manner of interesting options for those looking to push ahead into the depths of Europe with their plucky British soldiers. The book focuses specifically on the troops that would have been in Normandy at the time.

"Air, earth and sea, all three were combined on one day, their forces thrown at the German defences. The combined strength of both the British and American forces. Combining all three branches of the Airforce, Navy and Army all striking across the beaches of Normandy trying to find a chink in the Germans impenetrable defences. The Germans put up a good fight, making securing the beaches hard, with the allies only securing a tenuous foothold on the beachheads, but it was enough to withstand the following German Counter-attacks and eventually break out of Normandy. The war for Europe was now being fought in earnest, as the allies raced to liberate France and bring the war to Hitler’s front door."

This book then comes out alongside the release of a British Starter Force which will be releasing alongside a bunch of accessories in early March.

Desert Rats Squadron - Flames Of War

Releases beyond this Desert Rat Squadron will then be following throughout the rest of March and into the month of April as well. You will be able to snag yourself a bunch of repackaged sets like the Parachute Company...

D-Day Brits Parachute Company - Flames Of War

...and the support from a 17 pdr Anti-Tank Platoon. All of this gives you plenty of combined arms support allowing you to sock it to the Germans as you push up off the beaches and further into the French countryside.

D-Day Brits Anti-Tank Platoon - Flames Of War

There is plenty more for you to come and check out over on their Pre-Order Page as they show off some of the neat kits like a Typhoon Fighter Flight and more drifting into view to support your troops from the air.

It's great to see that World War II is getting as much love as World War III and hopefully this will be a nice way for you to dive into more historical goodness with Battlefront Miniatures.

Are you going to be snapping up these Brits?

"...hopefully this will be a nice way for you to dive into more historical goodness with Battlefront Miniatures"

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