Desert Conflicts, Late-War & ‘Nam Call You To Flames Of War

October 20, 2017 by brennon

A new series of releases are coming out throughout the rest of October and into the new year. We kick off with what's new for Flames Of War 4th Edition and their Desert War collection.

M4 Armoured Mortar Platoon

Backing up your infantry divisions we have the M4 Armoured Mortar Platoon which is able to work as a mobile artillery piece, dropping the shells where they are most needed on the battlefield.

The armoured sides of the vehicle would be most welcome to those operating the mortars as it allows them to stay out of harm's way and respond quickly to the enemy.

Maybe they could be used in conjunction with the M3 Stuart Tank Platoon which gives you five of these plastic model to throw into the mix.

M3 Stuart Tank Platoon

They might not have been able to stand up to a direct hit but they made up for their lack of armour with speed and precision, able to make probing attacks against the enemy positions and flank their enemies for an extra surprise.

Desert Terrain

As well as the vehicles there's also the new terrain piece which can be used to build up your battlefield.

Ruined Large Desert House

The Ruined Large Desert House might be a good place for you to start building up objective based scenarios as the size of the building offers up some cover and also allows you to play around with infantry as well if you wished.

As with all of their buildings, they come pre-painted and ready to drop into the mix when you're playing. All you need is the mat and a bit of greenery.


You are going to be able to look beyond the Desert with an upcoming book out of Battlefront too which takes you into the Late-War period.

Armies Of Late-War

This book will cover forces from 1944 through to 1945 and the end of the war, as you might imagine. The forces covered will include the US, German, British, and Soviet forces each with new vehicles under their command and other weapon options.

New card packs that will be useful when playing your forces and upgraded box sets will also be thrown into the mix giving you a way to start a new force on the tabletop.

You Weren't There Man!

Last but not least you will also be able to head to 'Nam with their new book which is getting a revamp in 2018.


You can view their miniatures range for this particular period HERE and get a taster for what they're planning in the coming weeks.

Are you interested in these new developments coming out of Battlefront?

Let me know below...

"...and upgraded box sets will also be thrown into the mix giving you a way to start a new force on the tabletop"

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