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    It’s apparently December, although if you asked me the calendar stopped in March and every day since has just been “Today”, so its time for my annual pledge post.

    As some of you may know, for the past few years I’ve been running a thread like this, this,  or this.  This is a communal place to post your hobby new years resolutions. Please set yourself some goals below, add them to the spreadsheet and post your progress across the year here.  If we can all see each others progress towards these goals then it provides encouragement and motivation for us all.  I’m looking at the progress sheet for 2020 (2020 tab at the bottom) and I can see a lot of people have made great progress towards their targets, despite (or perhaps because of) everything.

    Here are some guidelines:

    • Set yourself some realistic hobby goals for 2021, allowing yourself plenty of wiggle room to buy and focus on new stuff because its going to happen.  For example, I usually paint just north of 300 models a year, so I try to pledge under 150.  It’s December 1st right now and I’m lucky enough to have finished all my pledges that don’t require someone to be in the same room as me.
    • Don’t let this force you to do things you don’t want to do, or to paint faster or harder than you are comfortable.  It’s meant to add encouragement and fun to the hobby only, not to ruin it for you.
    • Feel free to change your pledge as time goes by to keep it attainable and fun.
    • Consider adding conditions, such as “I’ll only aim for this if Lockdown lasts for more than X months”.
    • You know those models you’ve been putting off painting for a while?  Perhaps they intimidate you?  Perhaps they’re a lot of work?  Pledge to get them done.  Setting yourself a deadline and allowing yourself to feel publicly accountable for missing it can be the push you need to get them done.
    • If you pledge something open ended like “hit 100% complete in my Tyranid army by the end of 2021”, do not count models gained in December 2021.  That’s not realistic, or fair on yourself.
    • Don’t be afraid to change your pledge as the situation changes.  Once again, it’s meant to be fun, not a burden.  I know mine will not be static until the start of the new year at least.  I’m still working out what my goals want to be and right now it covers 2 new games I don’t even know if I want to play enough to invest all that hobby time in.  Plus who knows what Santa will bring me that I might want to prioritise (although I’m considering Christmas cancelled this year because of the ongoing Coronapocalypse)

    Anyway, here’s the link to the editable shared Pledge Spreadsheet for 2021 (2021 tab at bottom).  Get thinking about what you want to achieve, and add yourself, and post a summary below.  Tweak as you see fit until the start of the new year.  Check out last years post and sheet for examples, and my pledge below.

    Let me know if the links don’t work or aren’t editable.  They work for me but it’s my sheet.

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    Cult of Games Member

    So here’s my pledge for 2021.  I’m looking to keep on top of my painting, but not let it rule me.  i want to spend more time actually playing the games.  Given Covid, I’m looking at more solo play stuff:

    1. Paint more models than I gain unpainted models
    2. If a faction starts the year 100% painted it should end the year 100% painted
    3. Complete playthrough of Reichbusters once the errata is delivered (Currently looking at march-ish, only 1 year after the game was actually delivered) – I’m already half way through and on hold waiting
    4. Try Aeon Trespass: Odyssey before pledge manager closes (Delivery looking at Q3 2021 at the moment)
    5. If I like AT:O paint ahead of what’s needed (4 Titans, Hekaton, and Labyrinthauros for prelude chapter I think, + more as I play)
    6. Try KD:M and If I like it, paint ahead of what’s needed (Arriving May?) (4 Survivors, White Lion, & Antelope + more as I play)
    7. Mice and Mystics: Heart of Glorm expansion: Paint the two characters and play the game
    8. Clear out the bulk paintables so I can focus on fun character stuff (75 Conquest minis from starter set)
    9. Get my party to complete the current D&D campaign before life gets in the way
    10. Get a follow up campaign started after – Already have a DM interested
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    Not sure I want to commit to something as random as targets and goals..

    As a rough ballpark figure I’ll say I will paint at least one miniature in 2021


    Cult of Games Member

    Thats certainly a bold goal.  Good luck with that epic achievement


    Cult of Games Member

    The last year and a half has not been a great one hobbywise – my ongoing health issues have meant that I’ve not painted anything since June 2019. I’ve been making progress though; I’ve managed to build LOTS of stuff, and am in the process of making my painting area more easily acccesible & a tad more organised, along with having some bits for projects on order.

    So, my hobby pledges for 2021 are thus:
    *Fully paint at least one 2000 point army from the following list – Space Wolves, Deathwatch, Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard
    *Convert & paint at least one squad of Tanith First & Only (Black Friday got me to order a batch of stuff from Victoria Minis that is ripe for making the ghosts as they appear at the end of Anarch)
    *Build at least as many Gunpla kits as I purchase (more hopefully – the stack is getting  scary)
    *Paint up O-12/Starmada for Infinity
    *Get in at least 1 game of some system

    If I can hit some of those targets early I might try to build some forces for smaller games (I’ve got  some Warcry & Underworld kits on the docket, could easily do a Killteam or two,and have many, many other games needing some attention)


    Cult of Games Member

    Thanks for posting @lawnor .  This is my favourite part of the forums and an important part of my annual hobby routine.  Participating here is an added motivation to getting some progress and it is always nice to have see folks on a similar journey sharing and commenting on we are all getting along during the year.

    It is a bit early for predictions on what I’m likely to do next year as I’m still working on this year.  I’m hoping to have a bumper year, easily my best ever.  I’ve currently got 533 finished miniatures done this year and am hoping to get past the 600 barrier too by the time the year is out.  There have been some positives to come out of lockdown for me at least.

    Some ideas for next year include getting one of the miniature heavy boardgames done, either Conan or Batman: Gotham City Chronicles. I’ve got Solomon Kane arriving next year (fingers crossed, please Mythic) so don’t want three of these in the queue.  I didn’t get much done with Blackstone Fortress and associated Rogue Trader minis so would like to get them more underway.  I’ve got a couple of historic projects on the go including 28mm Persians for Swordpoint and possible some Celt-Iberians for Saga2: AoH before the Agema Etruscan Kickstarter delivers mid-year.  I’m getting an Ender3 V2 for Christmas so presumably there will be some 3D printed buildings and scenery too at some point.  Way too much choice really as unfinshed projects include LotR Rohan, LotR Mordor Orcs, 40k Imperial Guard, Zulu British and finishing the mammoth Gallic army.

    I’ve updated the spreadsheet (see link in 1st post) to this effect.  What sould I do?


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    600 minis finished in one year.  You make me sick! 😉



    Ok… cut/paste text from 2020 to 2021 as this is my goal for the next 12 months, not this month.

    1) Get my friends back to my table on Sunday nights so we don’t have to play RPGs via Skype… Not so much a goal as a fervent hope.

    2) Paint the two Blood Bowl teams in the post and play the boardgame instead of console game.

    3) Get the dragon that comes with Drusa Kraeth’s Shadowpact to look good… it doesn’t at the moment.

    4) Build and paint Shadow and Pain.

    5) Finish painting (and assembling) the Warcry and Catacombs forces I have.

    6) Finish painting the now out of print Guild Ball teams and play the game.

    7) Paint Vox Machina and Mighty Mein.

    8) Get stuck into Pelennor Fields box… it’s been primed for ages.

    9) Paint Pandora’s Box for Mythic Battles Pantheon (core box done ages ago).

    10) Play games with human beings in the real world!!!!!!!!!

    There are lots more, but I’d settle for a normal RPG night on regular basis.


    Hobby pledges for next year

    1: Finished both the German and US armies for Flames of War

    2: Finish the German army for Bolt Action.

    3; Finish the Romans and Gauls from SPQR starter

    4: Finish the Greeks from Mortal Gods

    5; Finish the samurai for Test of Honour

    6; Paint up the war bands for ECW project

    7; Finish the Asian town terrain project.

    That’s all for now……




    Cult of Games Member


    It will still be better than my 2020 effortsFB_IMG_1606977647501


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    I’ve made a good start towards my pledges:

    Hundred Kingdoms Crossbows


    Heart of Glorm:




    Cult of Games Member

    So what to aim for in the coming year. Rather than go through what I did or did not do this year lets just jump straight to what I want to achieve in 2021.

    I would like to have fully painted. (This is the wish list I can pick and choose from)

    • Corvus Cabal Warcry Warband
    • Wakanda/Webslingers Crisis Protocol 6 Figure Roster
    • Dwarf Giants Blood Bowl Team
    • Tau Aeronautica Imperialis Airforce
    • Death Korp of Krieg Kill Team
    • 800 point force of Galactic Empire for Star Wars Legion
    • Goliath Necromunda Gang
    • 1000 points of 1939 Germans for Bolt Action
    • 1000 points Death Korp of Krieg for 40k
    • Summoner Frostgrave Warband using Dragon Empire prints from Titan Forge
    • Nosferatu Warband for Empire of the Dead using Vampire prints from Titan Forge
    • Add Armoured Panzergrenadiers to both my Fortress Europe and D-Day Germans for Flames of War
    • 2000 points of Kings of War Empire of Dust



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    Well I’ve nearly managed 200 figures for 2020, a few days left to hit the target (fingers crossed).

    Next year I am aiming to complete Batman Gotham City Chronicles (that alone is nearly the same number of figures as I’ve painted all year!  Fingers crossed I can keep at it.


    Cult of Games Member

    Well at least i painted 139 miniatures this year till today (and “uff” built 359 miniatures and sold 96). I also built and painted some terrain pieces.

    So for 2021 my plans are following:

    – Repaint (already rebased) and paint at least 2000 pts of sisters of battle for this summers tournaments. in Work. Not so much done

    – Play some tournaments and games with my buddies. Well not this year baby

    – Paint another blood bowl team and play it. Hm.

    My big project for this year: FoW: Vietnam

    – Finishing my Local Force done

    – Paint my Brown Water Navy with some support units. I count this done

    – Build a table with terrain for my Brown Water navy. in Work

    I am already at it:


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    Well i am going to “saddle up” for the fourth year in a row as this makes me at least think about painting. 2018 I got it all done, 2019 wasn’t a great year and I suffered from hobby fatigue, 2020 started better until COVID made me have to work longer days , in a less effective way and my hobby became sleep.

    So i have set modest targets, 82 minis in all most are need  for current games I am playing or projects (you can see what I am aiming to do on “Lawnor’s Ye Olde Spreadsheet”. I also aim to not paint new models for a system until I have completed the ones in the spread sheet. The only mew systems I’ll add will probably be from Privater Press and Warcradle as I like there stuff but haven’t picked anything from them to paint yet …  best wishes to other “pledgers” and thanks for posting your inspirational pictures, and to Lawnor himself for being “a good bloke” *  and doing this.

    * this is the highest praise an Australian of my vintage can give.

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