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    It’s almost December, although it doesn’t feel like it.  Its still Febtober 2020ish.  Hopefully the calendar will restart for real next year.  Anyway, Its about that time of the year when I start thinking about my hobby progress for the current year and my hobby goals for the next year.

    As some of you may know, for the past few years I’ve been running a thread like thisthis, this, or this.  This is a communal place to post your hobby new years resolutions. Please set yourself some goals below, add them to the spreadsheet and post your progress across the year here.  If we can all see each others progress towards these goals then it provides encouragement and motivation for us all.  I’m looking at the progress sheet for 2021 (2021 tab at the bottom) and I can see a lot of people have made great progress towards their targets, despite (or perhaps because of) everything.

    Here are some guidelines:

    • Set yourself some realistic hobby goals for 2022, allowing yourself plenty of wiggle room to buy and focus on new stuff because its going to happen.  For example, I usually paint just north of 300 models a year, but I realise I’ve slowed down now I’m out of bulk paintables so in the past I’ve try to pledge under 150, but I’m aiming for sub 100 this year.  It’s late November right now and I’m almost finished with my goals, or I have finished them if KD:M doesn’t arrive in the next few weeks.
    • Don’t let this force you to do things you don’t want to do, or to paint faster or harder than you are comfortable.  It’s meant to add encouragement and fun to the hobby only, not to ruin it for you.
    • Feel free to change your pledge as time goes by to keep it attainable and fun.
    • Consider adding conditions, such as “I’ll only aim for this if Lockdown returns for a few months”.
    • You know those models you’ve been putting off painting for a while?  Perhaps they intimidate you?  Perhaps they’re a lot of work?  Pledge to get them done.  Setting yourself a deadline and allowing yourself to feel publicly accountable for missing it can be the push you need to get them done.
    • If you pledge something open ended like “hit 100% complete in my Tyranid army by the end of 2022”, do not count models gained in December 2022.  That’s not realistic, or fair on yourself.
    • Don’t be afraid to change your pledge as the situation changes.  Once again, it’s meant to be fun, not a burden.  I know mine will not be static until the start of the new year at least.  I’m still working out what my goals want to be and right now it covers 2 new games I don’t even know if I want to play enough to invest all that hobby time in.  Plus who knows what Santa will bring me that I might want to prioritise (although I’m considering Christmas cancelled this year because it really doesn’t feel like Christmas, what with time basically having stopped last march)

    Anyway, here’s the link to the editable shared Pledge Spreadsheet for 2022(2022 tab at bottom).  Get thinking about what you want to achieve, and add yourself, and post a summary below.  Tweak as you see fit until the start of the new year.  Check out last years post and sheet for examples, and my pledge below.

    Let me know if the links don’t work or aren’t editable.  They work for me but it’s my sheet.


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    In previous years I’ve painted 300+ models, but in 2021 I ran out of units and other bulk paintables and started doing other things so I got a lot less done.  I’ll be north of 130 by the end of the year.  (Its much quicker to paint a unit of 10 identical models than it is to paint 10 unique solos).  As such I’m really dropping my quantity goals this year.  So here’s what I’m currently thinking:

    1. Paint more models than I gain unpainted models
    2. If a faction starts the year 100% painted it should end the year 100% painted
    3. Try Kingdom Death Monster if/when it arrives (All KDM goals are contingent on it turning up early enough in the year for them to be sensible)
    4. If I like KDM, try and have everything painted before it hits the table, and only for the stuff I plan on putting on the table
    5. Try Aeon Trespass: Odyssey before pledge manager closes if it arrives (All ATO goals are contingent on it turning up early enough in the year for them to be sensible)
    6. If I like ATO, try and have everything painted before it hits the table, and only for the stuff I plan on putting on the table
    7. Paint a bust type model (I’ve a few busts and large scale models printed and awaiting some love)
    8. Finish painting 3D printed small based models.  At the time of typing that’s 18 models I think, 4 of which already have paint on.  This is my current focus in Nov 21
    9. Paint my old untouched unloved Dreadball minis as part of the Spring Clean Challenge 2022.  I backed the Xtreme KS and went in heavy.  My group never got in to Dreadball an the quality of Mantic sculpts/materials didn’t work for me so I’ve been ignoring them forever and even tried to sell them off a few times.  I’m almost out of other stuff to paint, so it’s time to get them done.  There’s no rest until the pile of shame fits on a single tray.  I think this is 53 models, but I got a goody bag a couple of  years ago I think has some other bits still in it.  I’ll have to do a catalogue of what’s left as the start of the project.
    10. Get my party to complete the current D&D campaign before life gets in the way
    11. Get a follow up campaign started after – Already have a DM interested
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    Cult of Games Member

    Cheers as ever for running this thread @lawnor

    So, I’m going to set the simplest initial goal possible: Paint 1 model. Anything. Something. It’s been a solid two and a half years since I’ve been able to put paint to mini and I’ve struggled to improve access to my painting area since my back surgeries.  I have  models built – hell, I have whole armies assembled and ready to go – just need to take that next step. Other goals? Well:

    1. Continue with my adventures in Gunpla building – I need to try out adding some basic panel lining and with more Entry Grade kits on the way might take a stab at doing some custom paint jobs.
    2. Paint up one of the following that’s in the build queue – a Necomunda gang, Warcry warband, Underworlds warband or a Killteam.
    3. Battlemechs. So. Many. Battlemechs.
    4. I dipped into Warlords Commandos army deal and their pre-order bundle for Island Assault, so might be good to actually build and paint one or the other.
    5. Tanith 1st – I still have a load of models from Victoria Miniatures 2020 Black Friday sale intended for a Gaunt’s Ghosts force. Really need to get that off the ground. Have a few good STLs for Ghosts as well to get printed….
    6. Infinity – got a few forces to build & paint, would be good to get one of those done up. O-12 in comic Megacity Judges colours maybe?
    7. So many boardgames with unpainted minis- Incursion, Core Space, Conan, Siege of the Citadel, Mythic Battles, Giga-Robo – maybe try to paint one of those up??
    8. And just get out and play something, which has proven a challenge as well since my surgeries, then 2020 happened >_<

    And I’ll add a sweetner – if i can get through say three of these goals? treat myself to a 3d printer setup, and maybe an airbrush….


    From last year’s or this year’s I managed to complete my German FoW force and the Soviets and British for Team Yankee. Everything had progress towards finishing lol.

    For 2022…

    Create more videos for the Irregular Magazine YouTube channel and more podcast episodes.

    Finish the Asian Town project and start gaming on it.

    Start and finish Late Roman Saga force

    Finish Early Roman Saga force and the Celtic Saga force. Also need to get hard copy of Age of Hannibal.

    Finish Qin warband.

    Finish Chinese Late WW2/Korean force for BA

    Continue painting LotR stockpile


    Cult of Games Member

    OMG I suppose it is that time of year again.  Thanks @lawnor for the prompt.  I’m working on a five year plan that I put together in lockdown so this is oficially Year 2.  This year is called “Ever-est” and is about picking up the extremes in the collection, e.g. oldest unpainted force, newest army purchased, largest model, smallest scale units, rarest models in the collection, largest model count game that needs painting.  All of those projects that feel special enough to not start on as the next project and in some cases have been left for a very long time 20+ years for the oldest models.  But no longer. 2022 will be that year.  This is my treat to myself because I’m 50 at the start of the year and I want to do all the fun hobby I’ve got next year.

    On the list are:

    Conan TMG (381 model count) – Largest
    Imperial Guard Army (using old Warzone Bauhaus miniatures) – Oldest and part painted so an ideal Spring Clean Challenge.
    Forgeworld Chaos Mamoth – Bigest
    3mm Macedonian phalanx – Smallest
    Oldhammer Dogs of War – Rarest
    28mm Etruscans for Swordpoint – Newest


    Cult of Games Member

    5 year lockdown plan?  You were expecting the worst!  Mind you, it’s not over yet.  Good to see you’ve got your own goals based on your habit’s/weaknesses.  If you’ve a clear list of things you can cross off I find its easier to prioritise rather than postpone.


    Cult of Games Member

    Personally I love doing a bit of planning 😀  It is as much fun as many other parts of the hobby, and a good deal more fun than some bits – fixing issues with the 3D printer for example.

    Since you started this and I joined in in the hope of getting a bit more organised, I’ve pretty much doubled my painting output. Whilst I’ve had to compromise on some individual quality and huge amounts of dithering time I’ve seen a big return in more finished forces to be proud of.  Long may this continue!

    For anyone wondering if you should give it a go this year, please come and join us.  It is motivating to see others achieving their targets and the thread certainly inspires me throughout the year.


    Cult of Games Member

    I find planning is a great way to do the hobby when trapped at work away from your hobby stuff.


    Cult of Games Member

    I would love to plan and commit but I know myself: when (not if) at some  point my planning falls apart so will my will to do any more… It’s a dead horse from the start.

    Though I’m going to try to be back on top with my Star Wars Legion stuff and have everything painted before the next purchase…


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    This is why you only plan about half a years worth of work.  Then you can embrace distraction and still have time to be on target


    Cult of Games Member

    Even if I planned only a months worth I can find ways to bugger it up…. it’s my secret super power :S


    Cult of Games Member

    It’s good to have a talent!  At least you know your self and your limits and can work with that.


    Cult of Games Member

    Planning? What is this strange concept? ?
    I’ll probably keep painting away at whatever takes my fancy at the time.
    Maybe I should try a more structured approach.


    Cult of Games Member

    So next year – it starts to get scarily close when you start writing 2022 down, or putting things into the diary for next year.

    The club has decided that we are putting on a demo table of Conquest: The last arguement of Kings for Broadsides in July (hopefully) so I need to get my Dweghom assembled and painted, only been waiting two years!

    I’d also like to finish off painting my Khadorans that I have been cracking on with for the delayed Broadsides 2021 next month.

    I’m sure that I can fit in another army, but will decide on that later in the year when I know what I fancy painting.


    Cult of Games Member

    I’ve already put this part of my plan in motion:
    Get playing my RPG nights more frequent and start roleplayig again, instead of what we’ve been doing the last couple of years.

    -I always have a hard time focussing on 1 project, so I’ll allow myself to paint what I feel like, but I always aim to paint at least 100 models a year. I’m going to try an focus a little less on individual models the coming year and see if I can increase it to 150 at least.
    – Finish my basic Dungeon-build. at this point I need the walls done and some way to magnetise the whole lot. I’ll be adding different terrain types and specific rooms and tiles in the future. Could happen this year, but no promises.
    -Already planning on it, once I’ve finished 2021’s 100th model: start my fantasy village by badge building 3-4 homesteads. With interior for my fantasy (mostly lasting tales/rangers of shadowdeep) gaming.

    No pledges, but if I can find the mojo: Street-tile system for Marvel Crisis Protocol/Last Days.
    Start Working on some trees.

    Also, a buddy and I have starter on our own game-system and it looks very promising (we think, at least).

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